2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Night Series Review: $205,000 Ultra-Luxury EV SUV


2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV evaluation! The Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV is an exceptionally elegant electrical SUV with fairly underwhelming styling, in spite of the huge price. Today I'm examining this EQS SUV and I'll show you the numerous quirks and functions. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel and reveal you what it resembles to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:40 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:56 EQS SUV Introduction
02:04 Night Series: $25,000 Option
04:23 General EQS Quirks & Features
06:23 Exterior Styling
06:53 Rear Seat Opulence
10:00 3 Rear Screens
13:42 Front Interior Quirks & Features
15:27 The Hyper Screen
17:20 More High-end Functions
20:57 Freight Location
22:55 Driving Experience
27:27 Final Ideas
27:59 DougScore

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2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Night Series Review: $205,000 Ultra-Luxury EV SUV

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    1. Well that’s how they are 99% in cars with rear screens. Though they could be a bit slimmer like in VAG cars.

    2. Look at the finer details like the inside of the glovebox and storage compartments cheap and nasty.

    1. What does it matter… the kind of people buying such a vehicle probably earn that amount per week selling white sugar in Miami 🙃

    1. they know that already, but more screens equals less production cost and most people are too stupid to realize, thats why everyones doing it rn

    2. You don’t buy Mercedes if you want real luxury. That hasn’t been the case for a long time. Mercedes is expensive and that’s that. Everyone knows that you have too much money.

    3. Also remember most of the screens and rgb lights are there bc they like it in Asia, and that’s their biggest market. They like all the in-your-face tacky displays of opulence.

  1. All this bling reinforces the fact that Mercedes cars are no longer built by engineers like before, but by designers.

    1. Alfa Romeos were built by designers. This thing is built exclusively by marketing wanketeers.

    2. The purple LEDs and the bold pinstriping makes it look like the cheesiest night club you’ve ever been to

    3. Designers would never accept logo fetish like seen in this latest monstrosity. It goes to rediculous lengths and it has to end.

    1. i dont think you guys understand that a person with the money to buy a maybach wont really care abt the resell value for the car , he’s not buying as an investment nor to re sell it in a short period of time or in fact sell it at all

    1. How can Mercedes-Benz improve the specification of the Black series, by adding an actual black person in the trunk.

  2. I really wanted one of these until I saw the off-center front camera, so I decided to get a 1994 Corolla

    1. Only to still get judged by people on the internet who think you have too much money/are too stupid to buy a honda or toyota

  3. Ambient lighting in Mercedes never fails to look incredibly cheap and tacky. The way they implement it in the dash and doors looks like a kit from ebay and the default pink gives off saints row vibes.

    1. It does look extremely tacky. Since they started it the design gives off “spoiled teen girl” vibes as a car that some LA parents would buy for their daughter who has never been told no once in her life because she graduated high school.

      There is nothing “upscale” or “classy” about the screens and lights. It’s very tacky. The seats are nice! And I’m sure the ride is pretty good, but it ends there.

  4. We should start a gofundme to get Doug a a furry fuzzy thing for his mic to block the wind and shirt rubbing noises

    1. Yeah, even 2008 devices run better than this garbage they put in cars. Blows my mind how bad their in-house software and hardware is

    2. There weren’t any yet. The only tablet in 08 was the one you carry food on. But i suppose, that was the joke.

  5. Mercedes Exec: “Alright Maybach team, what do we have for the EQS?”
    We can include pillows!
    Excellent, anything else?
    Lets stamp our logo on every single pillar and location so everyone knows its a Maybach!
    Brilliant. Charge them $200k

    1. EXCEPT FOR THE FRONT AND BACK EMBLEM!! How on earth do you have those ugly Maybach spoke things on the wheels to let everyone know you were scammed by Mercedes like that, but not the emblems that would be the best sign of the fact you are not driving any Mercedes.

  6. Whenever you see a car company overuse their logo on their cars, you know they are relying on the name to carry the sales

    1. 🤝 because if you have genuinely done a great job,you don’t splash the product with logos

    1. I can’t agree more. Only reason I watched this review was because it’s such an unremarkable car for such a high price.

  7. The interior looks like a cheap nightclub trying to compensate with RGB lights and screens everywhere.

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