2024 Nissan Z Nismo Review: Big Upgrades, More Power, But…


This is the Nissan Z Nismo, and this sportscar simply improves. Today I'm examining this Nissan Z Nismo, and I'll show you all the many quirks and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the Nissan Z Nismo and show you what it resembles to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:13 THIS …
00:50 Powertrain & Performance
01:32 More Nismo Efficiency Upgrades
02:50 Cosmetic Nismo Modifications
04:29 Interior Nismo Changes
05:46 Automatic Transmission Just
07:05 Rates
07:33 Interior Quirks & Features
08:03 Interior Tech
11:00 Old Feeling
13:00 Cargo Area
13:58 More Exterior Quirks & Characteristic
15:13 Driving Experience
20:38 Last Thoughts
21:10 DougScore

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2024 Nissan Z Nismo Review: Big Upgrades, More Power, But…

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  1. I think nissan made a missed opportunity with the nismo. It could’ve been this cool car that is desirable, loved, and (somewhat) a decent deal. But its just too expensive for what you get, Markups can drive these things over 70k. Manual should atleast be an option too. I’m def JDM fan, but this is kinda a miss.

    If you really want a new Z, (like I do), get the sport trim. Just start modifying it from there. Heck, get a 350z or 370z.

    1. A CHEAPER option, at that….no reason a manual gearbox should be more expensive than the more complex and ‘expensive to manufacture’ auto gearbox.

    2. totally agree! Not just that, but in this price category, when you’ve got the BMW Z4 M40i and the Toyota Supra 6-speed manual for around the same price, maybe a little less, this is exactly why Nissan in general leaves quite a bit to be desired and wanted.

    1. I hate to play devil’s advocate here but NISsan MOtorsport is centered around getting the best bang for buck track focused car from Nissan’s lineup, and love it or hate it the automatic shifts, launches, and drives all around faster than the manual. but I agree that the Z Nismo should’ve come with a manual. I think they’ll pull the same move as Toyota and come out with a manual in the next year or so. There’s already been at least one Nismo manual test mule, and someone at Nissan hinted at the possibility of it coming when the Nismo was unveiled at an event not too long ago

  2. For $60K, you’d think they’d give you a better interior than a base Sentra. My god, the interior design is like from the early 2000s.

    Edit: $68K.

    1. Sir as somebody that’s owned a 2000’s Nissan and currently drives a 2010’s Nissan I’ll have you know this is a fantastic interior in comparison. Still worse than a cheaper Toyota Camry though lol

    2. Yeah cause you get recaro seats and a heated leather wrapped alcantara steering wheel in base Sentras…

    3. @@cosmic_gate476 Atleast the Sentra gives you two usable cup holders not designed by baby monkeys ☠️ and door lock mechanisms from this century. Embarrassingly bad in a $68k car. Name one other car that gives you a worse interior at that price. 😂😂

  3. who would’ve thought it would go from ONLY manual in the nismo, to automatic being an option, to now AUTO only…

  4. I honestly wonder why you would get this when both the 3.0 Supra, 5.0 Mustang and the base C8 Corvette all cost around the same or less. That’s not even taking into account the performance sedans and hatchbacks in this class

    1. @@purwantiallan5089 yeah I think you’re right about that. The dark horse may be more in this price range. Still, I can think of a reason to spend the extra on a Nismo Z when the mustang is faster, more practical, comes with a manual, and sounds better

  5. For me it’s the fact that no one wants to talk about the old tech Nissan has been using for way, way too long. The key fob at 12:59 is the same key you would get with a 2005 Murano. The window switch and door lock buttons, the hvac control knobs, the turn signal and wiper stalks, etc. Lots of 20 year old tech in a car that was designed from the ground up. But then again I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s the same company that kept the same Frontier around from 2005-2021

    1. You could say the same for much of Toyota and Honda switchgear. Why don’t they get called out for it more often?

    2. @@th003g give me examples of what vehicle besides the 4runner from toyota. All of their fleet has updated components and switches and feels a lot newer than Nissan.

    3. The old tech is a blessing. The main point of failure in cars these days is software and electronics. This is a car you can keep 20 years without dealing with obsolete tech that costs a fortune to fix and you can’t do any of the work yourself.

    4. Nissan has always been behind on tech. Especially infotainment. They’re usually 1-2 generations behind everyone else. Which didn’t used to be a problem when you could change head units. But now, its a crisis. And the key fob. I bet if you bought one that had the trunk button and paired it to the car it would work.

    1. If it was 18k cheaper and had a manual option sure but for $68,000 ($70,000+ after markups) and forced to be an automatic, they’ll rot on the lot that’s for sure. I know I don’t want one now especially knowing it’s a automatic because if it was a manual it would be slower then the base Z with automatic option so they only offer auto in the nismo version so it’s the fastest of the bunch 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’d rather buy a performance model with a manual and upgrade it myself, won’t take much to surpass their measly 20 extra horsepower

    2. I think most people would rather a manual Performance Z and use the qualities of the aftermarket making it better than the Nismo. I think the only thing this Nismo truly bring compared to the regular Z is the things like the special seats and all the red trim and what not. For 20HP more you could Stage 1 a regular manual Z and change the suspension a bit and get bigger brakes and tires. And you probably still gonna have some spare money left below the 18K+ price tag you pay for the Nismo. For the price, there are just much better options out there that actually offer you a manual transmission. As this car stands, theres no justification to get this over the other Z models.

    3. @@royliber3824 I agree, Nissan dropped the ball with this one. Huge fail on their part in my opinion. It’s a shame because this car could’ve truly been something special.

  6. The problem with the automatic is it also gives Nissan an excuse to charge far more than they should. It really felt like Nissan settled on a price and tried to add stuff on to justify it.

    1. Why do you think they are charging “far more money” for an automatic when the rage is for 6 speeds manuals. Your comment is not based in reality.

    2. @@technom3598 that’s besides the point, the automatic is normally an optional extra on the standard Nissan Z. Lumping in here means charging more than normal for something not everyone wants. It’s not that hard to understand.

    3. ​​@@AHYL88 no, that’s not the reason at all. The thing is that, they barely brought over any Base to performance model Z’s out to dealers as is from the get go and many are known to be at ports that are still to be painted or just haven’t came threw to go to dealers yet for whatever reason,while in the process, no one understood why they brought the nismo about at all when they can barely sell even the base trim Z anyway while knowing the nismo would barely have that many made as is. So regardless of the fact that the nismo is auto wouldn’t have mattered at all when nissan themselves have barely tried to send Z’s over to dealers. Whether auto or manual wouldn’t have stopped dealers from overpricing them anyway.

    4. Thank you for the context there; wow that’s very shaky handling of one of their, I assume desirable, cars. This car isn’t sold in the UK for some weird reason (unrelated, the GR Corolla also isn’t sold in the UK, despite the UK being a hot hatchback haven of sorts), so I was unaware the Z had production and stock problems from the start.@@carboydorifutoparty3976

  7. “Can’t make a business case for the manual” says the company who sold the Murano CrossCabriolet

  8. Nissan has become that company that somehow still stays afloat even though it seems that everyone in the company wants to tank it.

    1. @@blaketindle4703 Actually, those standard Zs aren’t even selling well bc of the markups. The new Z’s intended audience (younger people who love to tune and mod their cars) couldn’t afford to buy them and they’re usually the ones who would buy the manual version. The key is that enthusiasts aren’t buying them bc it’s not worth it with how the stealerships ruin it with the markups. BMW on the other hand saw that almost half of their customer base bought manual M cars (and even more complained why their comp models were only automatic). Porsche is on the same boat as well. There is a rise of wanting a manual cars especially in a world where cars are getting more dull.

  9. The fact that this car with markups will be over $70K means it’s competing against used caymans and 996 911s that have a manual. I don’t see the use case to buy this over a regular Z, the extra $13000 used on upgrades will get way more for your money and keep the manual you want

    1. Also its MSRP is literally the same as a manual BMW M2. I think it’s very similar to a new manual Cayman or Cadillac CT4 as well. Absolute clown pricing 🤡

    2. And if there were no markups, it would be competing against something else USED. Used ALWAYS offers more bang for the buck, regardless of markups or the price of the new car (unless it’s sold at a loss or is made super cutting corners). You can’t win this “competes against a used X” game.

    3. @@andycalifornia426 The key, the locking mechanisms, older architecture shows this car is a hard sell at $50-60k for the regular Z. But for a unique experience, manual transmission, and a warranty, that is acceptable at that price. But over 70k puts in a realm where caymans still have warranty’s, new M2 or RS3 is an option, and it’s over the price of a manual Supra. More importantly, the used 911s at that price range are now 996 turbos rather than just Carreras, 997s have low miles, and 991.2 Carreras are now in the market. I know the bang for your buck going used is always there for all cars, but for this car in particular the new and used options are more obvious because of the caliber of cars in around the $70k range

  10. Don’t worry about the lack of manual transmission. There will be one in the next 15 years of this platform..

  11. Very beautiful styling. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. I agree, though, I don’t know who would buy this without a manual transmission. It’s a shame.

  12. One dealer near me is asking $83k for one of these. I couldn’t imagine buying one of these over a C8 😂

  13. Nissan’s Chief Product Specialist for the Z said that the decision was made not to offer a manual Nismo because it would have actually been slower than a base auto Z. Maybe that was worth avoiding, but it’s already pretty embarrassing to admit that the $20k upcharge doesn’t add enough performance to offset the transmission difference.

    1. I think it is because they dont have a newer more capable manual gearbox available, and certainly don’t have the budget to design a new one.

    2. I can see that but they should have done more to increase to horsepower and torque to offset it. If nothing else, just throw 4.10 gears in it with the extra 20hp and 30lb•ft and it would definitely be faster than the base model.

    3. This has been a decade long disagreement between automotive engineers and their customers, engineers say automatic is hands down faster and enthusiasts say manual is more fun

    4. @@user-cr4sc1ht9t This is why I say to any auto engineer I meet: I wouldn’t admit that you are one, people hate you for good reason.

    5. It reminds me at the bmw m3 compact prototype, that bmw canceled, because it was faster than a regular m3 and better to handle.

  14. You make such a good point about keeping the manual for just the pedigree. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t just use the manual from the sport/performance. They shouldn’t need a redesigned transmission for 20 extra hp!! I feel like someone at Nissan wanted this to fail. Disappointing.

    1. The people who are trying to justify it by saying “it’d be more expensive to develop a manual for the nismo” either have no clue about cars, economics, or both. But think they do.

    2. The manual wasn’t even up to par for the base car which is why they had stop sales. Even the press cars had gears grinding. No surprise at all they didn’t use it for the nismo.

    3. ​@@duuyyy the odd part is. On the Z forums when the manual was talked about, they said owners and even aftermarket companies have gone well past the nismo Z’s power with the stock manual and it handles it just fine, so it’s basically just bull from nissan not bothering to put a manual in the nismo for whatever reason.

  15. It’s crazy to think that for the MSRP of the new Nismo Z you could get an early R35 GTR with more power, more street cred and in my opinion, a much nicer interior.

  16. I can’t fathom paying this “MSRP” when for similar money you could have an M2, Supra, or slightly used Cayman, all of which have a manual option now. Then you add in the mark ups and you’re now in M4, C8, GTR, Evora, and newer Cayman version territory. For the money, this would be so far down the list of options I’d consider, it would be beyond irrelevant. Nobody is buying the Z as is… I live in one of the largest cities in the US and I haven’t seen a single one person. Just ads for tons for sale rotting on dealer lots. I don’t know what Nissan was thinking.

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