2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Review: $450,000 Ultra-Luxury Electric Car


This is the Rolls-Royce Spectre, a $450k ultra-luxury electrical vehicle. Today I'm reviewing this Rolls-Royce Spectre, and I'll show you all the many peculiarities and functions. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the Rolls-Royce Spectre and reveal you what it resembles to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:16 THIS …
00:51 Thanks to O'Gara La Jolla.
01:18 Overview.
01:57 Performance Numbers.
03:05 Rates.
03:38 Quirks & Features.
05:22 Starlight Doors.
07:06 Interior Materials.
08:06 All the Stars.
09:22 Wacky Controls.
13:40 Rear Seating.
14:58 Infotainment & Tech.
16:29 What's Under the Hood?
17:32 EV Noises.
18:23 More Outside Quirks & Characteristic.
19:34 Rear End Styling.
20:18 Trunk.
21:48 Driving Experience.
26:27 Final Ideas.
26:43 DougScore.

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2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Review: $450,000 Ultra-Luxury Electric Car

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  1. Doug is the type of guy to call this “The Rolls Royce of electric cars” when it is indeed an electric Rolls Royce

    1. @@jwalster9412it uses BMW infotainment, the feature of the programmable buttons showing a preview of what they do when you swipe your finger on them was carried over from the last gen bmw 5 series, only here they made the buttons shiny and not satin

  2. Doug is the kind of guy who only uses one audio recorder so half the video is almost unintelligible with static. 🙂

  3. I bought a Rolls-Royce for my son a decade ago. A diecast model of the highest quality. He still plays with it sometimes.

  4. I’ve actually seen a Spectre in this color rolling around Beverly Hills. It’s shocking how huge it is even though it’s a coupe.

    1. at the end of the driving segment he pulls up next to a Honda CR-V, and it looks like the window is at least level if not higher than that? this thing must be massive

    2. @@ethanlau2 I’m 6 feet tall and the car wasn’t a whole lot shorter than me, so for a coupe, the Spectre is gargantuan.

  5. Can’t believe the dashboard clock is optional and isn’t standard, I’ve never seen a Rolls-Royce without that iconic Rolls clock.

    1. A clock is standard it’s made by IWC, But you can get a different version one as an option, or go really crazy and have a totally custom bespoke one made as well

  6. I think the craziest thing about this car is that with Rolls’ reputation for making silent, easy luxury cars it’s insane that they haven’t jumped on the EV train until now.

    1. They’re a conservative brand with conservative clients. It also makes sense why their first EV is a coupe and not their bread and butter sedans. This way they don’t upset their legacy customers, and they can take the feedback from the Spectre to the next Phantom.

    2. I think they said in the pas that they were waiting for electric power trains to further develop since up to now they were still a bit mediocre which is not a term generally associated with Rolls Royce.

    3. With a name like Rolls Royce, you don’t do it until you can do it right. Toyota is currently staying out of the EV work truck right now for that reason.

  7. An excellent review and analysis, you captured the ethos of Rolls Royce. They don’t make cars, they are the purveyor of luxury goods. This side of the pond when discussing range, Rolls Royce explained they consulted their customers. The range is adequate because beyond it their customers would use either a private jet or helicopter. Though the most famous saying from Rolls Royce, they say “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.”

  8. The test cars that RR had of this model were so quiet, that people actually became sick driving them: the interplay between sound/vibration, how our eyes and inner ear perceive movement is a very tricky balancing act and the total absence of a certain level and type of NVH while driving can cause nausea, dizziness etc type issues. RR had to reintroduce certain sounds back into the car (not sure, but believe not all were audible) to fix the issue.

  9. Doug is the type of guy to have 5 million subscribers and made hundreds of YouTube videos over several years and still record videos using a mobile phone and a tripod 😮

  10. In an era where every car manufactrer has a fetish for screens and touch buttons, you gotta admire how RR are sticking to the good reliable tactile buttons and dials 👌

    1. and easy to use….they don’t move around and you don’t need to go through 3 sub menus to change the fan speed or change the radio station.

    2. Don’t get me wrong, i much prefer the buttons over the alternative, but the lower dash and center console on this car reminds me of a bmw 7 series circa 2010. Just sayin…..

  11. Doug is always sporting a new Costco outfit every new episode. It’s not about Gucci. It’s about basic self-respect and dignity. And why would a nose picker be interested in a Rolls-Royce to begin with? There’s a big world in between pretentiously overdressed and a total slob. I think it is called “presentable”.

    1. I was about to post this at the top, but I’ll do it here. “Doug is the kind of guy who reviews a $525K Rolls wearing $45 worth of clothes.”

    2. @@theairaccumulator7144 You really need to get a sense of humor my friend. Both Doug and Sprezz have one. Come and join the party!

  12. The most impressive thing about Rolls Royce’s to me has always been their road presence. You can see it coming from a mile away and it’s so menacing

    1. That and ominous are the exact words I thought when Doud played the “engine” noise that Zimmer composed. Definitely has those Bond villain vibes.

  13. The paint on that car must be amazing because this is the very first time I ever seen Doug’s tripod in the paint on any car he reviewed.

  14. I absolutely LOVE that Doug can literally make a video in a half million dollar rolls with his hair still messed up from bed, that’s my kinda guy 😂 love you Doug

  15. The Power Reserve gauge has been on the Rolls Royce for generations like it’s been designed way in advance for this switch to electric powered vehicles. I was drive testing the Dacia Spring the other week (which is one of the cheapest battery powered cars in Europe) and one of the first things I noticed was this same gauge but mirrored, it immediately made me think “well this must be on the opposite side of the spectrum from the RR” 😂 It’s a good little car for its purpose though, and it also has “sufficient” power 😅

  16. Doug,
    I jab you occasionally, hopefully it’s taken in which it is intended, good natured. I have been a loyal subscriber since early on, primarily because of content like this. You do a great job of actually reviewing a car, you make fun of it. You are in awe of some things, you give real world views of beautiful and not so beautiful vehicles. As this year comes to a close, and you have made a legitimate and well deserved amount of money from your on line business, good for you and thank you. I’m a grown man, and somewhat successful. Not like you but in my own small universe. And I respect you. Please relish in your endeavors and enjoy your family. I’m glad you keep them from the world. They deserve as much time as you can give them, life is short. All the best in everything thing you do. Peace and a Merry Christmas

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