2024 Tesla Cybertruck Quirks and Features! #shorts


2024 Tesla Cybertruck Quirks and Features! #shorts

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    1. It happened. When elon said it would win against every other car, its true. Most of the cars that it crashed into were totaled while the truck sustained some bent panels.

    1. _’l guess you guys aren’t ready for that’._ _’But your kids are gonna love it’_
      ( Marty McFly ‘Back To The Future’

  1. “There are no curves on this truck” 😑 Me immediately staring at the tires that are round and thus curved 😂

    1. ​@@fromulusHow so … All tesla cars have the best crash rates out there. And the CT had been hit by other cars and trucks. It’s doing well.

    2. @@xsct878 cybertruck won’t roll over because it’s weight is still situated very low on the body.

  2. Fact. The body panels are so steep angled that it does not meet the pedestrian safety regulations outside US

  3. A crash in this thing is a death sentence, not because the truck wont survive it, it will survive it very well. Its passengers wont though. It has no real crumple zones, hell even in its frontal crash evaluation the REAR AXLE SNAPPED, so imagine what will happen to your spine

    1. You seem to be forgetting about a wonderful invention that arrests your body momentum…it’s called a “seatbelt”! Holds you in place very well. But what about your upper body and head? Well yet another marvelous invention called an “airbag” exists. Two fantastic innovations that pretty much hold you in place and arrest your momentum!

      Thank you Volvo.

    2. @@thedumbconspirator4956 Dumbass, they dont slow your body down nearly enough. Thats why crumple zones exist. They are way more important than airbags

    3. @@thedumbconspirator4956 im talking about the literal energy of the crash, a seatbelt stops your momentum, but it still wont stop the energy transfer of the crash going into your body, this is why crumple zones on cars are so important, because those absorb the impact and dampen it to the point where a frontal collision becomes survivable, instead of a spine sjattering ordeal.

  4. Doug, I’m usually with you but this is just a truck version of a DeLorean so it’s not that impressive. I’m sorry.

  5. In a few years the only thing on those that will be worth anything will be the stainless body panels and the copper in the wiring and maybe the lithium in the batteries. Because Tesla will send an “Update” that will nerf all of them.

  6. Does no one realize that because of the fact that there isn’t a crumple zone, the occupants of the cabin will absorb the impact

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