2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter Review: The One You Really Want


This is the brand-new Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter! The Trailhunter is a brand brand-new version of the Tacoma designed to be overland all set with its sturdy off-road capabilities. It is powered by a new hybrid 4-cylinder engine which is the most effective engine used in the new Tacoma. Today I'm examining this brand-new Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter and I'll show you the numerous quirks and functions. I'm also going to get behind the wheel and show you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:42 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:58 A Brand Name New Trim Level
01:55 Controversial Powertrain
02:43 Offroad Suspension
03:56 Wheels & Tires
04:19 Offroad Equipment: Snorkel, Rock Bed Rails, Lighting, & Underbody Protection
06:13 More Offroad Devices: Recovery & Steel Bumper
07:19 The Bed
10:01 Trailhunter Brand & Badging
11:02 Interior Quirks & Features
12:17 Some Luxurious Functions
12:42 Offroad Functions
14:11 Other Interior Upgrades
15:37 Rear Seating
16:45 Prices
17:20 Driving Experience
22:01 Last Ideas
22:23 DougScore

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2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter Review: The One You Really Want

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    1. ​@@fos3vcf10actually he didn’t, he couldn’t find any for sale new and he even asked Toyota if they can find him one (he specified he would pay the full price) and they didn’t find him one lmao

    1. I’d actually have faith that many of these would be out on the trails. But I mean if you’re only on regular roads too, of course you’ll only see them there. I’ve seen a ton of very nice trucks/SUV’s on trails in CO, UT, CA and MT.

    2. @@nottherealjkstill I’d bet a minority of them will end up doing anything more adventurous than commuting and grocery runs

    3. I wash my TRD Pro after I get it dirty. It’s called taking care of it. It goes off road if it has to but I didn’t get it to go off road I got it because it holds its value better than Toyota’s other trim levels and far better than anything its competitors offer, it looks better than anything its competitors offer and it will visit the dealership far less than all its competitors will and should a situation occur during the 100’s of thousands kilometers it will drive that requires off roading it will do that better than its competitors too.

  1. I mean it is kinda cool that Toyota was finally like here have some aftermarket stuff from the factory ! Just give us money

  2. lol bruh somebody said Doug is the kinda guy who lick his finger to change to the next page on his iPad 😂😂😂

  3. Doug the type of guy to own a Lamborghini, a Carrera GT and a Ford GT but still won’t update his microphone

    1. ​@@sawyermartin4434
      The 2024 Toyota Tundra has a starting price of $41,815 and can cost up to $64,310 depending on the trim and options. The Tundra Capstone is the highest-trim and most expensive Tundra, offering luxury and styling. It includes all the features of the Platinum trim, plus a V6 Hybrid powertrain, 22-inch wheels, exclusive exterior and interior trim, sound-reducing front windows, power-deploying running boards, and a head-up display

    2. Hey, they put the name in the headlight and the floormatts. It worth every dime. Now think how cool that will look when you pick your daughter up from basketball.

    1. @@The_Top_Gun. You never know. It could happen again. Ten years ago Toyota recalled 9 million cars for stuck accelerators, including all 2005-2010 Tacomas. Caused 37 deaths according to the NHTSA.

  4. “Unfortunately, I can’t really off-road today as the area is all washed out and super muddy…” Isn’t that the ideal weather conditions for this truck?!

    1. It’s actually really useful on steep descents. Like where 1-low is slow, but 2-low wants to run away on you.

    2. Someone needs to do a montage of Doug saying “crawl control”. Will probably be a 10 minute video

    1. ​​@@xb5883least their Supra and even Nissan’s Z ain’t an EV unlike what your Hellcats are becoming 😂

    2. @@xb5883 Buddy, your fords have plastic oil pans. I’m sure that’ll add to the excitement when it snags on something and cracks.

    1. As well as trails. Most people only have one car so it makes sense that they’d drive it everywhere including to the grocery store.

    2. @@marioricardo903why would one person want to have two cars in their garage unless they have a family? the fuel cost does not justify the cost of owning two cars. I don’t understand your logic.

  5. One thing I think that’s impressive that no one seems to mention is that the power inverter for these new cars is 2400W @120V. That can basically power anything as long as your battery is charged which is kinda insane. Usually it’s been maxed out at like 400W. You basically never have to carry around one of those big backup batteries.

    1. ​@@testtesttesttesttest884 Ford has the 2.4kw and 7.2kw meanwhile im over here sad with only 400w 🙁

  6. I just love the way Doug talks with his hands. I wonder if he knows that he is swearing in American Sign Language a few things he said are hilarious.

  7. Those LEDs and light bar will look great in my rearview mirror when I’m being tailgated by this truck going 80+ 😂

    1. Yeah, because the guy driving is a man-child who wears his sunglasses on his forehead and is an off-duty rent-a-cop/prison guard in a puffer vest and a skin-tight Grunt Style tee shirt.

  8. Toyota – in my opinion – is probably the best car manufacturer out there today. I own a Highlander and a 2022 Tundra and they are just solid, reliable vehicles and Toyota takes really good care of their customers.

    1. Keep what you have. This new stuff is unadulterated, overpriced junk. And it’s made in Mexico.

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