2025 Volvo EX30 Review: Electric Luxury SUV For Under $40,000


This is the Volvo EX30, an electrical high-end SUV for under $40k. Today I'm evaluating this Volvo EX30, and I'll reveal you all the many peculiarities and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the Volvo EX30 and show you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:13 THIS …
00:47 Overview
02:51 Quirks & Features
03:24 Recycled Products
03:48 Minimalism & Simpleness
05:30 Center Glovebox
06:05 More Simpleness
07:39 Clever Cupholders
08:22 Infotainment & Center Screen
09:51 Ambient State of minds
11:22 Home Screen
12:49 A Few Physical Buttons
13:52 Rear Seating
16:17 Cargo Location
18:11 Front Trunk
18:26 Exterior Styling
19:25 Exterior Quirks
20:24 Driving Experience
25:14 Final Ideas
25:39 DougScore

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2025 Volvo EX30 Review: Electric Luxury SUV For Under $40,000

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  1. Obviously physical controls for things like HVAC would be better but given this probably helped Volvo hit their aggressive price point I think they get a pass. Just wish this thing came in hatchback form too, looks like a really great car.

    1. Unfortunately this is going to be the more hatchback-y version with the EX30 Cross Country being the SUV-y one. I’d love a similar electric v40/v60 with RWD like the ex30. It’d be a cool, cheap, little hot hatch/wagon. – Polestar 2 owner (volvo ev wagon please 🙁 )

    2. Yea. Like Tesla screen dependence would also make sense if they were sub-$20k cars. But they’re not. In a $60+k car I’d better have a button. “But it’s safer” oh go the heck back to your Tesla forum that was a sad argument 5 years ago.

    3. @@KevinJDildonik It’s not safer, I don’t get why anyone would use that as an argument. It is simply cheaper to integrate functions into a main display. And car manufacturers like Tesla and others sell this to the customers by saying “It’s advanced technology” or something like that. I’m not mad about it in the EX30, they needed to hit a specific price point. But I do not accept it in expensive, luxury cars.

    4. Calling this an SUV has the same energy as calling the BMW X6 a “coupe” or a Honda Ridgeline a “truck” or Buick a “competent company”

    5. yeah, I don’t need any (highly questionable) offroad capabilities of a crossover, but I’d gladly take better aero, less weight and more range

  2. It’s not easy travelling with a full-size office chair, but Doug demands a comfortable seat even when filming in dingy parking garages and I, for one, respect that.

    1. I feel like this is not a dingy parking garage, but rather, Doug’s secret concrete underground bunker where he stores his cars (Carerra GT, Countach, Ford GT, etc)

    2. ​@@jaybeemhardscrote7466 Mission Hills, probably. I’ve heard that’s the neighborhood he lives in, so I’d assume his garage/warehouse/bunker may be there too.

  3. Having the measurements of the trunk space in various configurations printed on the tailgate is genius. Never knew I wanted that before seeing it here, but I love it.

    1. I’m going to take measurements of my Telluride and design and print a sticker that accomplishes the same thing. It’s gonna be great. Thanks Volvo, I’m stealing this.

    2. ​@@frankierodriguez8661the backpacks for me literally looked like it worked from IronMan 3 for some good reasons.😅

    3. I actually don’t get why this feature gets praised so much.. every golf club, lamp, backpack, etc. has different dimensions, so those diagrams are useless. The exact dimensions of the space, one can look it up online for any other cars, too.

  4. The centre glovebox is a good idea, makes it more accessible to the driver so they don’t have to lean over to get something out of the glovebox.

    1. I got to see it in person. It is super nifty! Wish the inside was felted so stuff doesn’t rattle, but that can be done aftermarket.

  5. This is going to be a great small crossover for Volvo. Fast and fun to drive with sharp styling and packaging.
    The dual motor performance version that rips a 0-60 in 3.4 secs is going to be an incredible value!
    Hope they can ramp production quickly because there will be a lot of demand for this vehicle.

    1. Yeah giving it a 5 for acceleration is a bit harsh. Sure over 60mph it probably tapers a lot but for people that like to keep their license there’s not much more acceleration to be done. In my province, counting the subsidy that this car gets (and that the Mach-E GT doesn’t) the AWD EX-30 will be 36k cheaper than a Mach-E GT (41.3k counting taxes).

    2. This may be quick on 0-60 but is so slow on 0-100. I wouldn’t consider a vehicle slower than 8 flat on 0-100 (my current 2018 911 4s does in 7.5)

    3. It’s $10k more from Single Core, or $6k from Single Plus. That is not a great value for a second motor that only kicks in every now and then.

  6. Such a cool Volvo. Love the clean design without wierd cuts and creases and that it does’nt look like a shoe. Amazing looking wheels 🙂

    1. @@jimpackard8059 it’s developed and built in Europe which is good enough. Volvo is in a much healthier state now compared to when Ford almost wrecked the company and sent it the same way as Saab. 🥴

    2. ​@@RundFyrkanti still miss the iconic SAAB company. It also ever produced iconic WRC cars in 1989 to 1995…😢

    3. @@jimpackard8059 I’ve seen it in person. and had a sit in the driver’s seat. it both looks and feels like a Volvo.

    1. Yep, if you see one and don’t notice there are no tailpipes you might think it’s a gas powered car. Gone are the days of the BMW i series that was made weird looking so they wouldn’t sell too many.

  7. Doug is the type of guy that triggers everyone’s google devices in the worst possible way. I was actually okay for air conditioning right now, thanks Doug.

    1. Yes!!! Pretty frustrating to be honest. But if Google homes voice recognition actually worked worth a damn I guess things like this wouldn’t happen lol

  8. Hi Doug, Great video man. This is really a winner for sure. For that price I’d say this is the prettiest Volvo in many years, fully loaded with the most advanced tech, everything in the car is no nonsense designed and put together and then again, the price range put all its rivals to sleep. Well done Volvo. Well done Doug !

  9. Nice to see an EV at a normal person price point and actually gives you what you want instead of doing stupid stuff like so many EV companies do. This isn’t just a good EV, its a good car i could actually see myself buying

    1. @@Benji10109 In 2023, the average American borrowed a loan for a new vehicle of $40k. That, to me, certainly sounds like a completely “normal person” price point. This is a completely reasonable (and even relatively cheap) price point for a normal person to spend on a new vehicle. Even the average loan for a used car was near $30k.

    2. @@chrisr267 If there was a demand for such vehicles in the USA how come Jeep aren’t selling the Avenger or VW the ID3 there.

  10. Love this for many reasons, the biggest probably being that it could set the table for cars in general, not just EVs towards a lower average price point so we as consumers win.

  11. I love it!! Honestly If things work out for us this *will* be my next vehicle.

    I’m sure in like 6 months of global release there will be aftermarket driver displays available. Just like there are for Model 3 and Y.

  12. Your review of the EX30 was more thorough and complete than any other review of this vehicle. It totally changes my opinion of this car.

  13. I really like this new Volvo. It wasn’t available when I ordered my electric XC40, but I think this will be my next car. Big enough for 2 people, nice to handle in the small streets of a European city and fast as a sportscar. And I was happy to see the blue baby Benz in the background, sweet memories.

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