28yr Old Redefines Quality, Building Restomod Alfa Romeos: Totem Automobili | Capturing Car Culture

With the construct quality of vehicles and trucks in today's age, consisting of customized develops, the market is ripe for a takeover. If you have the drive and knowledge, you can make a splash in the custom-made world. Much like Riccardo Quaggio, the 28-year-old CEO of Totem Automobili, which is quickly to become the new requirement for restomods. Riccardo was a young designer at Alfa Romeo and then chose he wanted to do things his own way and set a new standard. So, he took his enthusiasm for Alfa's and ramped up the develop quality with full tubs, CNC 'd aluminum for nearly every fixture, components covered in rich leather, all the way to knurled aluminum knobs and a custom-made gauge cluster developed by Riccardo himself. Their flagship build, the GT Super, is 100% custom-made and sits about 10% bigger than the original Alfa GTs, comprised entirely of and Aluminum. The only 2 original parts of the GT are the VIN plate and trunk release handle. Follow along as Larry Chen shows you the intricacies and character of Totem's GT Super.

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28yr Old Redefines Quality, Building Restomod Alfa Romeos: Totem Automobili | Capturing Culture

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  1. Alfa – Take notice! If the factory would build something with similar styling for the masses, they’d sell like crazy!

    1. i don’t know anything but I imagine you can get away with some stuff with something that’s technically a restomod that you couldn’t with a fully new road legal car that would makes it hard to package it as small & light.

  2. I’m SO happy this company is getting off the ground. May never afford one, but absolutely love the concept and implementation.

  3. I may never see one in real life, much less afford one, but this is a beautiful real work of art . To the millionaires in the world . Buy one and drive it around. Please make someone’s day special .

    1. About to comment the same. It’s cool to see so much CNC parts and the end result it’s awesome. I guess optimizing for cost or mass production was not in the requirements

    2. i saw it in GIMS amazing, also you can see how exciting it is to present the car he built like picking up parts and proactivly showing the guy the cnc parts

    1. Yes! Normally it’s someone in his fifties or sixties that has built up enough experience, desire, and confidence to do something like this. A 28 year old… should not have already worked as a designed at Alfa, and then left to build his own car, perfected the design, worked out the production processes, AND… created a show-ready prototype that will soon be running.

    1. @@Oknowimhere you think it’s expensive? Try and manufacture – not build, MANUFACTURE – a full car from scratch. With ALL CNC parts custom made from solid billet.

    2. ​@@spdcrzy totally agree witch your first comment… By the way, dont waist time responding emojis. πŸ˜‰

  4. This guy is like Horacio Pagani V2.0. His attention to detail, and unwaivering vision are next-level. I am in awe.

  5. 5 seconds into the video, and I’m in love. That car is absolutely beautiful. As a car guy, I literally got goosebumps seeing it.

  6. Alfa needs to partner with this guy. I love the fact that someone this young has succeeded in bringing his dream to life. Much respect.

    1. Please don’t, the Alfa Romeo of today is a company where the clerks decide what can be done. It’s not a car company anymore.

  7. He’s another Mr. Pagani in the making… love to see what’s his next project is… Thanks Larry for the video

    1. This isn’t even an exaggeration. At 28 he’s engineering entire new cars. Nothing underneath that Alfa is stock !

  8. This guy seems to be a true prodigy,to be able to create this is such a short time frame is incredible

  9. Jaw dropping retro re-engineering. This whole series.
    My car nerd heart explodes with love and admiration.
    This is for those that love and admire the engineering and artistry , and the magic of an internal combustion automobile. My heart explodes with affection!! 😊

  10. Imagine showing up to a car show with this. All the blinged out Lambos, the McLarens, the Ferraris, none of them would get any attention. This car would suck the air out of any show it went to, and this costs the same or less. It truly is the most beautiful car I have ever seen.

  11. “is CNC from SCRATCHEEE” im flabbergasted at the level of detail of this guy, 28 ? just wow.

  12. That car touched my soul just by looking at it. The details put into it shine through everything. This man is a clear artist. It is very fortunate he gets to give life to his passion. Hope you always have the money to keep creating more masterpieces. And be humble like this always πŸ™‚

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