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  1. MAYYYBE a high mileage early model viper is in the 30K range, but anything below 40k miles is 45-65k all day long.

    1. It’s like the Ferrari 355. Now they have gone up quite a bit, though. They were holding at 60K for the longest time.

    2. Agreed, I haven’t been able to find a low(er) mileage, good condition Viper under $50k. And I’ve been looking for years lol. Although I’d kill for a 2009 ACR.

    3. Not everyone is a boomer who buys low mileage cars, get the higher mileage one for much cheaper and just enjoy the car. They will gladly go into the 6 figure miles mark with care.

    4. @Star Wars Reels Not everyone is cheap and wants to buy a high mileage PoS that’s already been abused. I’d rather buy a low mileage example and drive it opposed to buying a car already on its last leg and wanting to drive it for 50-100k more miles.

    1. ​@Ilya GlazunovI’m not a yank but maybe he just doesn’t have 30k spare? Plus maintenance costs, insurance

      If there that cheap you could just buy him one? Why don’t you just do that?

    2. @Ilya Glazunov$30,000 may be cheap for a sports car but not everyone has $30,000 laying around to buy such a car or if they do (or could take out a car loan for it), they can’t justify buying a sports car over a more functional daily driver just because they want it.

  2. Saw one in the Netherlands on the nice polder roads. Its so wide haha. Real American car great to see and the sound very good.

  3. Or you know you could just get a second gen for like 7-10k more and have the classic viper experience withought the pain

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