$4,000,000 Barn Find – Rare Ferrari AND 427 Cobra Hidden for Decades | Barn Find Hunter – Ep.24

Searching in the heart of North Carolina's NASCAR country, automobile author and Tom Cotter endeavors into a garage full of cars and trucks and is hit with a lightning bolt. Parked before him is a silver 1966 Ferrari GTB/2, covered in decades of dust and spider webs. The Italian Sleeping Charm has only 13,000 miles on the clock and, Tom soon realizes, is one of just a handful that were constructed with an alloy body. It simply can't get any much better than this, Tom reasons, and after that– miraculously– along comes a 1967 Cobra .

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$4,000,000 Barn Find – Rare Ferrari AND Cobra Hidden for Decades | – Ep.24

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  1. I hope you filmed the rest of the cars and do another video about them. As well as try to get the owner to speak about them, he must have some interesting stories. This could have been a hour or 2 long video and I would have gladly watched.

    1. He left them for a reason. Maybe the “friend” is actually him, but he can’t disclose that fact LMAO.

    1. There is a company 30 miles from Charlotte that makes unbeatable lubricants and additives for the military.
      You should visit the factory and offer these to the public via private label.
      Not cheap and only serious car people would appreciate them

  2. Few others would be as worthy to discover it…the find of a lifetime!
    Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Impresionante.!! Qué lástima que estos coches se encuentren parados en un garaje tanto tiempo…

  4. Tom i cant imagine how you must have reacted finding out that this has been sitting for so long in your home state. Truly the Barn Find of Barn Finds!!

    1. @unleashthesunnn the Ferrari is 1 in 8, and actualy sold “as found” for 2.3 millions, it’s in the next video… the Cobra sold for 950k and you all amurricans can now wipe your tears

  5. Wow, what amazing finds, would’ve loved to have seen the MGTC and TR6 close ups as well. Keep these coming Tom

  6. Oh my goodness, barn find of the century. Thanks for taking us with you to see this at the same time.

  7. Surprising that the Goodyear Wingfoot radials on the Cobra still hold air, those were the tires to have before the Eagle VRs came out in the mid eighties for many American performance cars.

  8. Tom , love this keep up the great work it’s always been a joy of mine to look for old cars under barns or in garages

  9. Amazing. And so complete. It’s both exciting and a bit sad to see them in that condition. Those cara are so incredible, it would be an honor just to clean and detail them. If it was possible, I would and not charge a dime just for the experience.

  10. Sure loved this one find show! Haven’t watched Hagerty in a while now, and this is the reward I get! The Triumph and the Morgan are the icing on the cake.

  11. Wow! What a barn find, Tom. That’s one hell of a story to go along with the find as well. Keep em’ comin’, thanks.

  12. Even more of a pleasure to watch because there was no irrelevant background music, just the conversation and the imagination. Purrfect!

    1. Peter Jones I know. It’s like we are there in the garage listening to the conversation and the natural sounds of the vehicle being opened and viewed. I wish more channels would follow this example. Good comment.

    2. @steve Kos can’t be relevant to all. I can’t rationalise background music and then can’t watch the video. Ok at beginning or end.

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