5 Cars I’m Excited For in 2023 (And 5 I’m Not Excited For!)


Here are all the vehicles Doug DeMuro is excited for in 2023! Plus a few cars and trucks I'm not so ecstatic for in 2023.


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5 Cars I'm Excited For in 2023 (And 5 I'm Not Excited For!)

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  1. Here’s an interesting cybertruck take. I think it’s got a good chance of never getting an official release and will eventually get canceled.

    1. fun part is

      each and every car from list (bad or not ) IS JUNK. from technological or visual stand point !

      and those are modern cars!!

      personal i think BMW takes the cake, they are really wanna go Lexus way. aka being irrelevant

    2. @Ty Kara bullish on a stock thats fallen by over 50% in less than a year and is still regularly dropping several percent in a single day lmao I hope you’re not a financial advisor.

  2. Excited
    1:26 Chevy Silverado ev
    3:01 Volkswagen ID Buzz
    4:16 BMW XM
    5:24 Chevy Corvette z06
    6:37 Tesla Cyber truck
    Not excited
    8:34 Ferrari Purosangue
    10:31 Ford Mustang
    11:43 Alfa Romeo Tonale
    13:33 Lexus RZ
    15:06 Toyota Crown

  3. I strongly disagree about the Purosangue, only considering the design imo is quite simplistic, it has an amazing NA V12 and an amazing transmission. And also, it’s ok for me if it looks like a Roma, it’s just Ferrari’s new design language.
    P.s. the Urus has crazy selling and waiting list numbers so I don’t think at all that they’ve made a mistake with the design.

    1. I was deeply offended when he said it looked ugly the urus is my favorite suv just because of the style and the interior

  4. The ID Buzz is already everywhere in Norway (One of the biggest, if not THE biggest market for EV’s), and it looks very modern honestly. However, it’s kinda small in my opinion. It could’ve been bigger, taller and longer. Still, cool for being a volkswagen

    1. Yeah, already roaming in Portugal too.
      Same as the Tonale, pretty sure it’s already available in all of Europe.

    2. @J. Gibão i haven’t seen the tonale in norway yet, unfortuneately alfa romeo isn’t a very big brand here so i think their priority is focusing on the bigger markets for their brand as a whole. I would love to see them though, great looking cars. We have a lot of BYD Tangs, Honqi EHS9 here etc. I don’t believe the chinese EV’s are that popular in the rest of Europe if i’m not mistaken.

  5. Regarding the Crown, I think Citroen is doing something similar with the new C5 X. They advertise it as combining the elegancy of a Sedan, the dynamic of a sedan and the high posture of a SUV. It doesn’t look too dissimilar to the crown as well, at least the overall shape.

    1. It looks like someone applied wrap and fake body panels to a 90s Ford Taurus to use it in a movie set in 2010.

    1. I think all those high performance suvs look awesome. It’s just cool to be in something fast and still sit up high. Obviously my opinion only but I don’t get why people hate high performance suvs.

    2. @Christopher Fermin I think it’s just the fact that they’re all that seem to sell right now. I love the idea of a car with a ton of room, decent ground clearance and great performance, but not if it comes at the cost of every other type of car (and looks like a bloated redesign of a classic).

  6. The more I see of the new Mustang the more obvious its design makes sense. It didn’t need radical changes, and I hope you change your mind when you drive it !!

    1. @Shawn McAteer But it doesn’t. The current Camaro’s hips were inspired by the original Camaro which was inspired by the sporty hips of the original mustang. So ford is just copying themselves.

    2. @KB 2020 but it does, because it looks like they grafted 2008 Camaro haunches and trunk to the back and said “oh wait, change the bumper and lights real quick!” Originally this was that is irrelevant, they made a mistake and should fix it before production

    3. @Shawn McAteer But it doesn’t look like a Camaro. People on forums have made an interesting observation, the shape of the rear fender as it goes over the wheels looks quite similar to the ford gt. The line running along the bottom of the door also looks like a ford gt. So at their most basic level, many of the design elements look like a ford gt which is interesting.

    1. As Tesla figures out how many foam pads they have to apply to the front to try and make a *_cold rolled stainless steel truck_* pass pedestrian collision and collision safety in general.

      If they do, the thing is going to be a safety nightmare. Imagine something with Hummer EV specs, over 4 tons in weight, 3s 0-60 but it’s also made out of an extremely uncompromising material.

  7. Interesting list of vehicles Doug!
    9:30 – Honestly, the 1st Gen Porsche Cayenne (especially the facelift version) is one of my favorite German cars of all time. I absolutely love that look!
    13:15 – I’d prefer a car like that over a fully electric vehicle. There are plenty of people who prefer regular cars over EV’s, especially considering the EV infrastructure in Europe.

    1. EVs just suck at every point. Just watch Tesla Model S Plaid vs Porsche 911 Turbo S. Performance suck, mileage suck, weight suck and handling sucks. Why even bothering + the prices are rediculous.

  8. I think the Purosangue looks amazing! Just like the Roma does. Understated, business-like, classy. Which is exactly the clientele this model is aiming for: a daily driver for the elite, more Porsche-like understated than Ferrari extravaganza. It’s called market segmentation for a reason. Also, a lot of these cars have a European flavor in their specs. Like the Alfa, with its mild hybrid. This is clearly a fleet car taxation move, as in, without it they just couldn’t sell it as company cars. So yeah, might not make sense for the American market, but sure does elsewhere. Also, I like the raised Toyota sedan type car. Reminds me a bit of the Polestar 2, which I think is a really neat combo of both worlds: raised-sedan with a hatch kind of thing.

    1. @Eymanyouwell “A design language or design vocabulary is an overarching scheme or style that guides the design of a complement of products or architectural settings, creating a coherent design system for styling.”

    2. @Hans Van Nuffel oh, no I know what it means. Just found it comedic how their was praise for the aesthetics of this chunky, edged blob.

    3. @Han’z Good on ’em.
      They’re Ferrari.
      They’ll all be sold.
      Probably for 150k over-priced from new. Before they start getting flipped for another 100k mark up.
      Don’t like SUVs personally, but love V12s, V10s, V8s …

  9. What’s most insulting to me about the Crown is that they unveiled a whole lineup of Crowns (which they’re spinning off the name into a premium sub-brand) with really gorgeous models like the crown ACTUAL sedan, the small suv, and a lifted wagon/ midsize suv. But of the 4 of those, they said; “yeah, they’ll LOVE this one!”.

    1. @Jessiebeanie Scotty prefers Lexus over Toyota. But then again their subscription service for remote start is utter BS.

    2. @Jessiebeanie I have to agree to disagree on the Supra (as I drive one lmao) I personally feel like the Supra was a smart move on Toyota, and what’s more insulting is that the Supra is cheaper than other 2 door alternatives from BMW, yet there are stock Supras running 11.5 quarter mile times consistently. Whatever Toyota did is insane, plus, the B58 is a reliable and tunable engine. I think it’s smart that Toyota let BMW peak under the skirt of Toyota for their hybrid tech and got a engine that imo, really is the spiritual successor to the 2J

    3. @-_- well, in all honesty that’s what the Avalon and ES is, my problem with the crown is that it’s interior looks even worst than the outgoing Avalons interior yet it is almost as expensive as the ES now. Let’s not even get started on the lifted sedan idea.

  10. I thought the Crown looked cool from the side, a bit weird other wise, but definetly not the worst one in terms of looks 🙂

  11. The Purosangue looks fantastic and it will drive like a Ferrari with 4 comfortable seats, I just wish I could afford one.

  12. The Crown is on the lots in Japan. Got to poke around one a few weekends ago…I actually thought it looked pretty cool. Seems very different to the other Toyota offerings. Plus they’ll release the wagon and SUV versions next year, which I’m looking forward to. (Although I dont think the US is getting those)

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    2. I think we’ll get the wagon and hot hatchback probably the SUV too.

      The wagon can easily be sold as a small crossover

  13. The Alfa Romeo Tonale is on the market, in Europe. Looks very good, the overall surfacing quality and details is quite high, … but is just an other Suv. No idea of the reasons for the delay in the development and why it was not already on sale in the Us.

  14. Tonale is essentially a Giulietta replacement and X1/Q3/GLA competitor. 256 hp seems solid for that segment, as is offering a hybrid.

  15. So the hybrids are dead across the pond? Over here where I live, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a charging station of EV’s, so in that sense I’d rather get a hybrid if that time ever comes.
    On the note of EV’s spreading around the world, I’m much more excited of Toyota’s hydrogen engine project and hopefully more car makers hop onto that train as well.

  16. The Tonale is purported to have 50 miles on electric which is great for around town driving for those looking a vehicle that will be on electric but can still road trip and not stress about charge times, it’s appealing. It’s also advertising 285 HP.

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