£50M of rare Mercedes launched 0-60mph! I can’t believe they let me do this!

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… … … … … … … … … … …… It's time for our most expensive video line-up EVER! Mat's been granted access to 10 timeless worth ₤ 50m … However not only that, he's allowed to launch every single one of them !! From the 300 SL Gullwing to the CL 65 AMG( with its 6-litre twin-turbo V12!!), we're going to show you just what it resembles to release these oh-so timeless Mercs. The concern is, which of these classics would you enjoy to get your hands on for the day

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£50M of rare launched 0-60mph! I can't believe they let me do this!

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    1. Here in Argentina Mercedes Benz gave Juan Manuel Fangio one 300 SL as a gift and he used it as his daily🤣

    1. @GTGaming384 idk if he is but he is right most normal kids who love Ferraris and Lamborghinis more and also for a reason because they just better 🤷🏽‍♂️

  1. I am truly happy for Matt. He has come this far, he has shown dedication and you can’t deny his genuineness! I wish him even more success!

  2. There was something seriously wrong with that Hammer. They’ve been known to easily crack 0-100 km in 5.0 seconds dead and go on to reach a top speed of around 190 mph.

    1. @Surman Levente 7500 rpm stock. Unfortunately, she’s at the local Merc specialist being stripped out. She was an English car with salt roads she had the rust and other issues I just couldn’t afford to fix. I should have just left her in my barn until I could afford to fix her. Biggest regret of my life.

    2. I hit a 40kg (88lb) deer last week in my wife’s 190e 2.0 sportline. Headlight, grill and bumper is all. I was doing 130km/h, 80 mph. No time to break. A modern car with pedestrian safety in mind and the would be a rightoff. Another car of the late 80’s to late 90’s I’d be dead. W201, W124 the best end of.

    3. @Andrew Barton Very true, those were real cars.
      Simple and over engineered to last.
      Nowadays the cars are driving computers. W201 W123 👌

    4. That was probably just matt trying to be careful, or an engine in catastrophic shape…

  3. All old Mercedes automatics started out in 2nd gear, you would only get 1st unless you mashed it at low speeds or you selected it manually. I noticed some people mentioned this happened with the AMG W124 and that’s why it was so slow, but the same thing happened in the 230E (which is a 4-speed auto, not 3-speed)

  4. 3:09 Matthias giving us the ol’ German stare as if to say, “I shouldn’t be doing zis, it is not in zeh rule book!”

  5. Great video Mat. Quite funny to see how not fast some of those old “sports” cars were. See if BMW or Audi or Jag let you do the same thing!

  6. Brilliant video! Very interesting to see how the older cars compare to modern standards! And to hear what they sound like and how they pull. Awesome stuff! Thanks!

  7. Thank you to Mercedes for allowing the performance tests on these beautiful old cars. It was super informative to see what these cars are capable of and see the change in performance over the years.

    1. Mercedes makes beasts. I can’t believe that first classic os so fast and has a brilliant sound. Just imagine 1955s❤

    2. My favorite as well. I drive ML55 with the same engine, but without the compressor. The sound is awesome.

  8. Imagine being Mercedes and lending part of your museum collection. All of them in pristine condition and worth millions.

    And the journalist just gets in and goes “please don’t crash it, please don’t crash it” hahaha. Gotta love Mat

  9. The way the 560sec builds power and moves is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s a beautiful machine, moves like a small aircraft.

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