6 Good Luxury Cars That Won’t Cost Huge Money


Inexpensive high-end automobiles! Many utilized high-end cars are costly to own– but not these! Today I'm discussing 6 high-end automobiles that are good and inexpensive. These 6 luxury cars and trucks are all nice and luxurious, and likewise remarkably cheap to own!


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6 Good Luxury Cars That Won't Cost Huge Money

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    1. ‘94 LS400 owner here at 205K miles, 🤞🏻I can sell it at a good price when time comes… if that time ever comes since these cars just refuse to break down 😂

  1. The Toyota Century had so much crazy technology for its time. It is a very cool and weird classic luxury car that is very reliable.

  2. 2005-09 avalon limiteds are very underrated, heated and cooled driver and passenger seats, rain sensing wipers, keyless entry, push start, auto headlights, radar cruise control, reclining rear seats, electronic driver and passenger seats, rear AC, NAV, and a 3.5l 280hp v6, only downside is FWD or an upside depending on who

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    1. That was the whole point of starting the auction company. Move the needle and profit off of it without having overhead.

  3. Equus came out in 2010, the year after the Genesis sedan was released. Also, I would argue that the Grand Marquis should be on this list or even the Town Car. For what they were, they were luxury cars and if you were lucky and got one without the air ride, you’re golden.

    1. Good luck finding a town car that hasn’t been destroyed by a livery company. I’ve seen some for sale in the 700k range. Finding one under 100k or 200k will be nearly impossible.

    2. @Fehu O. Where are you looking? I find them all the time around me. Even the old square bodies. Rust/rot free and under 20k.

    3. @BPLove With the Equus, yes you are right. But I was referring to the US model.

      Also, almost nobody? Better double check that. I drive an 07 Crown Vic civilian and a friend of mine drives a 94 Town Car. They are Panther cars and the communities for them are large and everywhere.

    4. @Chris Martin Yes, Panther community is huge but it’s almost like a.. subculture-kind of thing last time I spied upon it. That’s fringe element stuff, as you guys, assuming you do take care of your cars, are the only ones who treat them like anything special anymore. Most of the dailies are beat to crap. I mean, octogenarians are likely quite gentle with theirs, but those ones can get neglected in a different way – like staying on top of maintenance needs.

      All this is to say I understand why Doug wouldn’t include these cars, esp considering so many were put into commercial use. But hey, someone who has a cherry 2007 Crown Vic or a cherry 1994 Town Car and can tinker with their cars, those cars will likely treat you well for many years.

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  4. I know Doug doesn’t like the Infiniti brand, but one more to add is the 2006+ M45. The V8 4.5L is extremely reliable. You can find really good low mileage examples for way under 15k.

    1. @Leon P nah Honda 4 speed autos were bad too. I had an Acura too. Guess which model it was? Nice smooth running car though and the engine will last longer than the chassis itself

    2. Sold my 2008 M45x when I bought my S63 AMG coupe earlier this year. It had adaptive cruise control, cooled seats, lane keeping assist, etc. I was shocked by how modern it was for being 15 years old. I bought it with 75k miles from the first owner in 2018 for $13k, never did anything but regular maintenance and tires for 4 years, and sold it for almost $13k with 115k miles.

  5. I still vote for Lincoln Town Cars. Doug did a pretty good video about them a few years ago. Sure, they’re getting long in the tooth …but they still make the best value proposition so far as I can see. They’re reliable. Durable. Get good gas mileage (23/24 mpg) and take regular, not premium gas. It’s also cheap and easy to find new and used parts. And cheap to insure. Moved into a 13 Lexus ES after my last Town Car. New 05 Lexus IS 300 owner here, back in the day, so I’m familiar with Lexus. Interior’s already falling apart around the engine on the ES350 and parts are 2/3 times what I’d pay for the Lincoln. Gummy rubber dash, worn out leather or nuluxe bolsters and door trim. And having off gassing issues with the windshield, that’s a new one on me. Don’t get me wrong, Town Cars have their issues, water leaks for starters, but overall, they make for the best value proposition. That said, no girlfriend, wife, or X wife’s ever said a kind word about them. That Lexus tho. lol.

    1. @RANDOM GUY Who’d complain about that? lol. By then, everything’s generally usually worn out anyway. Timing chain rattle was an issue with earlier last gen ones. …getting 450K was lucky. Usually these, need either a tranny, engine, or both in the 300K to 400K range.

    2. I agree, I was also disappointed that the panther platform Town Car didn’t make the list. I’d love to own one but my wife doesn’t want me to drive “an old man car.”

    3. They are fairly reliable, but they don’t get that good of fuel milage. Maybe mid to low 20s on the highway, and as soon as you drive one in town that milage drops a lot. All the 4.6 engines (especially the later ones) have inherent issues that will need to be addressed as well. The interior quality is also marginal at best. Good bang for the buck all in all, but not the best.

    4. @Rotor Head 23/24 regular unleaded isn’t bad for a solid full frame car. My Lexus ES only gets 26/28. LS takes premium and is worse.

  6. There are literally no G wagons in that era at Doug’s price point. All the dealers probably marked them up $20k after this video.

    1. Used to be you could find early 90s ones with the super reliable OM606 cheap enough before the push to turn them into designer trucks.

    2. +Hao Ni
      Depends on where you live. Here in Bavaria in Germany you get them even cheaper than what Doug mentioned. Because here in the Alps they are still mostly used as Work Horse. Not as “Beverly Hills Celebrity Car” like in the USA. And yeah that includes the G63 ones
      Prost & Cheers from the Bavarian Alps

  7. I’ve owned a ‘14 Equus with the Ultimate package for almost two years, and I can confirm their luxurious comfort and reliability.

    1. I had a 2012 Genesis R-Spec with the 5.0 engine. It burnt oil really bad & It had electrical problems. I got rid of it. I’ll never buy another Hyundai again. Bad car

  8. I own a ls460, so far the best car I ever had. Bought it a bit under priced due to minor fixing needed, did all job myself and the car is running perfectly. Already put 5000 Kms on it, and it’s a joy to drive and from the silence I get in the back seats it’s a joy for my kid and wife too! They are even cheaper in EU than the price tag you mentioned here.

    1. @PrizmaK 1.64 euro per liter, I do mostly highway & campaign road trips with it so it’s viable (11-13L/100km). If you do city trips, that would hurt way more indeed.

    2. @Leaver pool 1.64€/liter = $6.20/gallon and 18-21 MPG highway? sheesh. It’s worth it to drive one of the best Japanese luxury cars though!

  9. Thanks Doug. As always you sure know how to pick them and I agree with everything on your list. BUT, I do own a 2017 Kia K900 (I do believe you’ve reviewed them in the past) and mine is the V8 Luxury model. It doesn’t make your list because of it’s limited production, but it does fit your criteria — of course if you can find one.

    1. Immediately thought of the K900 and thought it would make the list. I’ve been thinking of getting one recently. Does it have CarPlay though? He didn’t mention it in his review.

    2. @W G hi. The 2015-2017 k900 is a marvelous vehicle but it does not have CarPlay which is unfortunate. I’m not sure if later models support it.

  10. Early year ls 460 have much much more issues than the Ls430. Tons of suspension issues, brake actuators going bad often. Thousands to fix.

    1. I own an LS430 and it definitely feels more true to the original LS’s visions of pure comfort and simple reliability, over the LS460.

  11. The LS460 is attractive price-wise, but they have a very complicated suspension system. General wear and tear on the front end can cost you about $8k just to get it up to par. I still prefer my LS430 over all just because it’s a good median between tech, comfort, and affordable reliability.

    1. You can get the 460s with both the regular or air suspension. The air suspension and the control arms on the 2007-2012 models are the ones that are very expensive to fix.

    2. Yea a 2017 60k miles ls460 is going for almost 40k i dont know where he gets 15-20k for. Last year i was looking for a ls460 with leas than 100k miles and couldn’t find one for under 30k so i settles for a 2013 accord exL for 15k with 90k miles. Been a great car so far I have 112k on the dash. Only ask for oil and gas lol

    3. @Rajer That I had two and both were extremely reliable. Both were 2005’s. Both had some quirks that needed addressing, but nothing related to the powertrain. The tilt and telescopic steering wheel motors are known to be weak on the 430s. If the tilt and telescopic are working on the one you get, make sure to open up the cover behind the wheel and spray either lithium or silicone grease on the worm gears to ensure they move as freely as possible. Most “issues” you’ll encounter will be related to age and won’t be engine or transmission related. Just find a good example and you will be fine.

  12. As a past Equus owner, highly recommend! Only major issues with them are the air suspension (as is with all air suspension vehicles) and some of the early 5.0 models have oil consumption to keep on top of. Only sold it cause I wanted a gas sipper!

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  13. I agree with this list. The Korean brands have come a long way and it is just so amazing to see them rival Honda and Toyota as one of the best Asian imports. G-wagon holding its value after so long is also impressive!

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  14. thanks to Doug’s video on the equus a few years back I decided to buy a used 2014 model, love the car alot and is alot of value for the 17k I bought it for, though it does have its releliability problems and not all hyundai dealerships will actually work on them. overall though it’s a great car

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  15. Ironically, you posted this as I put my ’09 LS 460 for sale on Craigslist… one of the most reliable and comfortable cars I have owned. Hope you can get someone to go buy it with this video 🤣Thanks Doug

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  16. I drove 50.000 miles (80.000 km) in my pre owned Volkswagen Phaeton GP3 so far and everything works perfectly and nothing has been wrong at all. I got it with 62.500 miles, 100.000 km on it. It likes Diesel a fair bit, but no other extra costs at all.

    I did get it from a licensed VW Dealer close to the factory with a good maintenance history etc. But still a giant deal considering the quality and comfort it offers.

    It increased in value despite the added miles.

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