60+ Classic Car Barn Find! – Wheels & Deals – Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

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Between find the Pontiac GTO Heaven and cleaning out the 230+ motorcycle nest, Richard Rawlings has stumbled upon some gold again! With a collector looking to get rid of 60+ scattered all across Minnesota, Richard is destined to strike a deal and buy a couple of 'em, right? Watch and see!

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60+ Classic Car ! – – Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

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  1. I’ve watched more videos of Gas Monkey on Youtube than I ever did on cable. This content is WAY better! Keep it up guys

    1. discovery created drama and bull💩 scripts with little about the cars. this is actually about cars. don’t see how they compare

  2. “drive it in the rain” that old man said after Richard told him he had to get it cleaned! 😂😂😂
    I’m dying!

  3. There comes a time when you have to cut loose your sentiment and just clear out.
    Better to get most of these vehicles new owners that will keep them on the road, rather than allow them to disintegrate into history.
    Thank for sharing your excursions.

    1. These guys are old school and think they’re gonna live forever. Besides, would you want to organize and sell all that stuff? No wonder he’s totally content passing that burden on to someone else

    2. @Matt Keller
      Makes sense, just a mess of a situation. Makes it difficult on the heirs if they’re not prepared for it.

      My old man has a similar mentality, although he only has 1.5 buildings filled with stuff, and we’ve whittled it down to two cars now, one of them being a daily, the other a project. Still a bunch of stuff left to go through, but now it’s somewhat manageable.
      I even constructed a weatherproof steel building attachment onto his pre-existing shop to help create more floor & wall space. Made it out of scratch materials.

      He leaves most of the laborious work to me, naturally. But it’s been really important for me as his son to have helped & continue to help go through & organize his mess. He gets to see some completion, and I either have to do it now with him here, or do it later without. It’s much better to do it with him here.

  4. Love these type episodes. No hootin’ n hollerin’. No kids takin’ selfies or live streamin’ No BS. Just an old guy with a million old cars, a thousand barns and Richard’s got to haggle with him.

  5. The old guy is pretty sharp for his age…telling Richard he can go to the bank they have money!! great episode

  6. Kudos to doing what you do Richard. You got more patience than me. Too many times have I asked to buy a truck sitting in a field only to hear not for sale, I’m fixing it up. Then 10 years later I watch them haul it off to the scrap yard. People got to let sentimental go sometimes and sale these before they all turn to piles of scrap. Take the money why you can.

  7. Glad 2 have you in Minnesota again!! Lot’s of awesome gems in this State!! Cold beer is a must !! Keep it up Richard!! Love these vids !! Especially Sport Wheels deal, total gold mine!!

  8. Richard, love these videos of your wheel’n & deal’n, getting back to your Gas Monkey roots, how it all got started. Didn’t care much when the TV episodes evolved into high end, big bucks Ferrari and Lamborghini. You’re an inspiration to all car guys, thx!

  9. Right on Richard I agree with some of the other posts I do like this format better. I liked watching the cars come together and the builds, but this seems to be a little bit more realistic the back-and-forth with the people. I will continue to watch thank you for the episode😎

  10. As a car guy, it makes me sad to see so many unfinished project vehicles just sitting and rotting. 😔

  11. Great to see Richard showing that older gentlemen the respect he deserves..and that old guy was still pretty dam sharp!

  12. Hey Richard been watching you since you started out you’ve really expanded your business God bless stay safe

  13. Props to the editor for keeping the over-the-hood dealing/negotiating part uncut. Really loved watching that over supper. 😀

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