7 Coolest Special Edition Dodge Cars You Forgot About?

Dodge is a brand that has always pushed the boundaries of performance, design, and innovation, from its origins as a parts and vehicle supplier to the military to its role in the muscle car era and its modern achievements in racing and technology. But beyond the icon models like the Charger, the Challenger, and the Viper, Dodge has also created some special edition cars that are rare, unique, and unforgettable. In this video, I will show you the seven coolest special edition Dodge cars you might have forgotten about!

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7 Coolest Special Edition Dodge Cars You Forgot About?

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  1. I actually seen the original 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 and the original 2003 Dodge Neon SRT4 driving on the streets of Oak Lawn, Illinois.

    1. In my opinion,, Neon should have been named DART,, SRT4 are so cool also…
      Mopar or Nothing…
      Daily Driver 68 Dodge Dart.. with V8..

    1. There, their and they’re. There = place. Their = possessive, as in “belongs to someone” . They’re = is a contraction of they are. I know, English is hard. 🤦😑

  2. Us true MOPAR guys knew all about these rides! Luckily I grew up around them as my grandpa sold MOPARS from 1946-1979…damn I’m old ✌💖☮

  3. An uncomfortable tendency to go broadside under panic Braking 🧐..
    Never have i heard this, nor been told said information,,
    I have Twin 68 Darts, One ive been driving everyday since V8 swap, No power Brakes, Still on 9 inch Drums, yes Push to Pray!!, here in Orange County California 🇺🇸,, Freeway Speeds,, and yes spirited blast over 110mph, with ease, Ever driven Here?.. panic stops are,, unfortunately part of life ,, yes it sucks,, if brake system is set up correctly.. Swapping ends should never happen..
    @∅.. cheers from Huntington Beach CA.. Mopar A Bodies Forever

  4. what Chrysler did in Australia , with 265 cu.inch six was history making , 2 door ,triple Webbers, 3 speed manual ,quicker ,than GM 350 4 speed (2 door), Ford 351 4speed (4 door) to 100mph, made for Bathurst ‘Race an win on Sunday sell Monday” the various ,340 ,360 V8 4 speeds,Hemis (Oz Charger) were loved by Police a few 440’s not ex factory ,from Phoneix , sedans were made ,unsure if ex factory in 2 door

  5. The magnum, in general, not just the SRT8 will be a collectable in a few more years. I think it’s the last station wagon produced.

    1. I think that is true.❤❤❤ The Dodge wagon was one he’ll of a wagon with high performce.❤❤❤🎉😮🎉❤❤❤❤

    1. I was looking at a 1972 Dodge Dart and the guy thought it wss a 369. I mentioned the specail and he stopped talking to me.

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