Today's high-performance SUVs with stylish styling and effective engines bring in all eyes on the roadway. Especially they are also elegant and sophisticated such as ASTON MARTIN DBX 707, PORSCHE CAYENNE TURBO GT, RANGE ROVER SPORT, and MASERATI GRECALE, for instance. So let's watch 7 NEWEST LUXURY SPORT SUVS For 2022-2023 in this video.
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Voice over: Chadshirley
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  1. Yey new suv coming to this year and next year thank you pd evolution you make me happy this day

  2. These SUVs are Nice and Powerful…Thank you PD Evolution for always updating us on Cars

  3. I love big cars and after watching this video if someone ask me about my fav SUV I will say them its Lotus Eletre.

  4. Don’t know what’s better…the cars on this list, or this channel with its awesome content! Great work PD!!💯💯

  5. I’ll have to wait until they come out with the Hot Wheels version before I can afford any one of these.

  6. except for the Porsche, this could also be titled “6 of the most unreliable SUVs for 2023”!!

  7. I had a surgery yesterday and waiting for my paper leave nothing better than PD EVOLUTION video thanks guys !!!!

  8. Everything about this channel is amazing the video editing, the music and the voice of the presentator amazing keep up the good work guys!!!! Lamine from Algeria 🇩🇿

  9. I loved the Range Rover Sport 2023 the most… its design language is exceptionally modern and stylish….

  10. The Lotus looks a lot like a Lamborghini urus or a Cayenne turbo gt. But i like it and would love to take it for a spin.

  11. The dbx looks so good but the price like any other Aston Martin is crazy but i understand it this is not you’re normal suv

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