7 of the Rarest American Cars Ever Built

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7 of the Ever Built

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  1. Less than 250 factory produced 1968 Mercury Cougar GTEs were produced with the famed 427 side Oiler. The rest of the big block 1968 Cougars were 428 Super Cobra Jets.

  2. My neighbour has a 1969 Shelby GT500 convertible in red. Only 1200 miles on it, a remarkable survivor, MINT condition.

  3. The extremely rare Hemi Cuda 4 speed convertible is the absolute Holy Grail I believe there were less than 10 made in 70 and 71 total

  4. 1965 Z-16 Chevelle, The Holy Grail of Chevy Muscle Cars – 201 made. 375 HP with 7.75 X 14 redlines and an 3:31 open rear! Yeah would do 140 MPH but stock couldn’t get off the line. Also had 11 inch full size chevy drums all around and was built on a closed convertible frame. Had UU-GG-LL-YYY fake mag wheel covers that had realistic lugs on them that invited tire guys to put the impact on them. Came with Multi-plex stereo that would “Lock on” to stations with an audible click. Also had a 160 mph speedo and tach in place of the clock. QUITE Rare but not mentioned.

  5. What about the 8 1964 Studebaker Avanti R3’s that were made just before Studebaker stopped US car production? At that time it was the fastest production car in the US.

  6. Glad to see some postings on the 69 TA convertibles. My understanding is out of the 8, 4 were automatic and 4 were 4 speeds.

  7. OK on LOOKS alone – I personally think the Chevelle was Chevy’s coolest looking design ever. Just BEAUTY

  8. My buddies in high school owned half these cars. Unless you’re talking about super secret factory specials, I think the numbers of those produced are higher than you state. Just glad people are keeping these classics alive. ‘Murican Muscle at its finest. Could’ve included the 68 Shelby 500 KR, though. My personal dream.

  9. I’ve loved muscle cars ever since I was about 6. I have researched and ridden in a tone of them. All time favorite is a 1969 Dodge Charger 440ci

  10. The Duesenberg SSJ only had 2 made. It was the fastest thing out there until they said what qualified as a production car. It could go to 140 MPH (225 KPH) and was awesome.

    1. Glad I saw your entry as I was going to mention the same car.  The fastest supercharged straight eight Mercedes in 1935 only made 160HP!  The SSJ Duesys were the most powerful cars in the world, producing a reported 400 HP.  Nothing else even came close to them. While Bugatti’s engines were beautiful in appearance, the Duesenberg SSJ engines were both beautiful and menacing looking.  They had a manually operated exhaust cutout under the dash.  The 420 cu. in. blown, twin cam straight 8 must have sounded incredible.

  11. The rarest Chrysler car of the 60s(and early 70),was the 1967 Dodge Coronet,Hemi Convertible…there were only TWO ever made.
    The 70 & 71 Plymouth Hemi Cuda convertible’s however are the most sought after Chrysler Muscle cars…$2-3 million USD,I,ve read for one

  12. All of the comments below are valid. As far as Rarity, in 1968 or 67 the Coronet RT convertible with the 426 Hemi, there were only eight produced, four of them were four speeds, and of course obviously 4 automatics. In an exceptionally rare barn find a little over 20 years ago I was standing right in the barn where one was stored in Michigan. What a fool that I never bought it. Definitely research your facts, many errors here

  13. 5 seconds in and I can tell how rare these cars are. That C2 1967 Corvette L88 with the ultra rare 1968 C3 package. Mmmm…. and L88’s were rated 430 HP not 435 like the TriPower cars.

  14. Amazing vehicles. A friend of mine had a 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR. With a 428 Cobra Jet. I never drove it, but just going for a ride. It was incredible, feeling how much power it had. It was almost a little bit scary.

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