8 Awesome American Muscle Cars You Can’t Get in the US.

8 Awesome American Muscle Cars You Can't Get in the US.
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8 Awesome American Muscle Cars You Can't Get in the US.

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  1. I think you might of miss about the Mexican Duster known as the Plymouth Valiant Duster SuperBee made from 1970-76 only made in Mexico with a SuperBee package for a Plymouth and not a Dodge.

    1. Then there’s the Mexican Falcon GT, very similar equipment to the Australian 1967 XR and 1968 XT Falcon GT’s

    2. Also there is another Mopar in Mexico known as the Dodge GTX from 1970-76 a GTX for Dodge instead of Plymouth on a A-Body platform and it the only GTX that came with a 318 SBM = Small Block Mopar.

  2. Even the 6-cylinder Mavericks were pretty quick and snappy. That V-8 turned that light little car into a beast, though.

    1. My maverick was called the Gratiot Ave. Maverick cause I put a 351 Cleveland in it with boss 302 heads ported. The car weighed 2675 from the factory with a 302 so they are very light, handling was terrible but in a straight line nobody could beat my maverick, never lost a race. One time it did a wheelie so high that it broke the lower control arm in half. What a awesome ride !!! It was a 1973

  3. Brazilian base model Maverick had a 6 cylinder version with a 3.0 liter engine from Willys overland (Willys bf184) originally made for Ford (Willys) Itamarati and Ford aerowillys (which were like a 2nd generation of aero ace made only here), which went out of production in 1971, they used this engine on Maverick from 1973 to 1975, when it was replaced by a 4 cylinder engine (2.3 ohc), and the Windsor 302 V8 had an alcohol powered version (offered in galaxie Landau lineup from 1979 to 1983)

  4. 3:41 opala was made from 1968 to 1992, with l4 2.5L (151in³), l6 3.8L (230in³) and 4.1L (250in³), the 3.8 was available in gasoline powered only, the 2.5 and 4.1 had an alcohol powered versions (1980-1992), In in october 15th, 1991, on BR-101 highway, in são paulo, a pilot Fábio Souto in a Opala Stock Car (wich uses same 4.1L n/a engine with some modifications in carburators, head, wich still uses siamese port, custom camshaft) alcohol powered, reached a top speed of 315 km/h (196mph) with 303 km/h (188mph) average speed, brake the Brazilian speed record at the time

  5. I was going to say that the Maverick wasn’t exactly a muscle car when it had a V-8 as a buyer could essentially get the same package with a 302 2V in the Grabber package, but then mentioned adding a 4V and 4 speed – something we didn’t get that would have been nice.

    1. Yeah I remember those grabber hoods, and at the time we didn’t think much of anyone’s v8 Maverick, because why wouldn’t ya just get a mustang overall better car, more power options

    2. @@pauls5745 The first years when you could get V8s in Mavericks were the years when it was MUCH smaller and lighter than the Mustang. The last years… the other option was the Mustang II, which wasn’t bad per se but you’d still be closer to the original ‘stang in the Maverick.

      ’71 Maverick grabber 302/auto was 2800 pounds, a similar ’71 Mustang was around 3200 pounds. By ’73 the Mav was near 3000, the ‘stang was still 3200 but you could stick another 100 in there with AC. And the chassis were so similar you basically ended up with “smallstang” and “largestang”.

      Heck, the names even…. a mustang is a wild horse, a maverick is basically a wild cow.

  6. Chevrolet and Pontiac were selling the Chevelle and LeMans respectively in Canada at the same time that the Beaumont was being produced. The reason was Canada had certain tax laws at the time regarding car companies needing to offer Canadian model cars. GM solved that by producing the Beaumont (and the Chevy II/Nova derived Acadian and Canso), even though those cars were actually built in the US on the same assembly lines as the American models and imported exclusively for Canada – I think they found a loophole. Both the Acadian and Beaumont ended when the tax laws were amended, after the car companies invested more in producing cars within Canada. GM would revive the Acadian name in the 70s when they introduced the Pontiac sister car version of the Chevette.

    It’s the same reason why Ford had a Mercury truck division (just rebadged Ford trucks and vans, with Mercury even calling the van the Econoline), and Chrysler had a Fargo truck division (sold at Plymouth dealers).

    No taking away from the Beaumont, though – it was a very striking looking car. And it was very popular as a mod platform for teen hot rodders in the seventies.

  7. I had a 6cyl Maverick tree speed. It ran pretty good and with just decent tires it would handle pretty good also. And it was in America.

  8. There were also non grabber Mavericks that came stock with 302 2V engine. I owned 2 in high school. All of the V8 models had 5 lug wheels. I my friends 64 Mustang with one because he assumed I had a six cylinder which accounted for about 80% of the Mavericks.

    1. True! I owned a non-Grabber with a factory 302 back in 1989. The thing even had a bench seat! I miss that car.

  9. The Mercury Silver E49 Charger with the black bonnet (the last car shown) is my dream car, I think it’s the most beautiful car Australia ever built. I’d sell my Ferrari for a chance to buy it.

    1. I could just imagine if it came to the biggest skunk works projects from Chrysler here in North America:

      69 Dart GTS with the 440 Magnum (yes, there were 640 of them built. 12.1 seconds in the 1/4 mike @ 117 MPH

      68 HEMI Dart with the A-990 (drag racing version) 426 HEMI. 10.2 seconds @ 132 MPH. Only 80 were built.

  10. Some mistakes about our Ford maverick gt:
    1: between 73/77 there is no front disk
    2: there is no limitad axls
    3: exhaust whas s “Y”, not dual exhaust
    4: 4barrel was a very limites edition to be aprove this modifies on local category race
    5: curiosity: the Ford maverick on front page was made for me ❤

  11. Greetings from Brazil and i love our muscle cars and the american too. I wanna the 2nd part with the Holden Monaro (AUS), Ford Sierra XR V8 (RSA), (Brazilian) Dodge Charger R/T and the Argentinian Ford Falcon Sprint

  12. You could get a 302 Maverick in the US, but this one is slightly different. So, technically they are right when they say you couldn’t get “this” Maverick. The photos of some of the Mavs look like the owner added some aftermarket items so it makes it hard to differentiate. What stands out to me are the front driving lights in the grill, hood pins, lack of side marker lights, body decals, center console, 4 speed, glove box (?), steering wheel, etc. I think you get the point. BTW, I had a 70 Mav in high school with the 170, 6 banger and swapped in a used 302 that I bought from some guy for $150. The Mav was the cheap man’s Mustang. That was a fun car. My friend has it now and it still looks great after 53 years.

    1. front driving lights in the grill, hood pins, body decals, center console, 4 speed, glove box and steering wheel are all from factory. The lack of side marker lights is because the local regulations didn’t require them at the time.

  13. Many of this are Opel based, making them German cars with (perhaps) American derived engines. Also the Aussie cars are pretty much Aussie cars with American influenced styling (and often American run styling depts)

  14. Great video, but you missed one model to complete the Brazilian muscle cars trio:
    The Brazilian version of Dodge Charger R/T.

  15. One of those 400 Falcon XC Cobras is in the Seattle metro area. It was directly in front of me on I-405 one day a few years ago. white /blue stripes with spoiler. Not a common sight in the NW US.

    1. Not surprised, there is a hotrod shop in Bellview (I believe) that imports Falcons and makes Mad Max interceptors

  16. why is it that in all these “top 10” lists or so, the writers never consider cars made in spanish speaking countries? I was eagerly watching the video, waiting for the appearance of Shelby products made just south of the US border. These Shelby products were not cheap, unauthorized versions of US Shelby cars, but were directly sanctioned products by Carrol Shelby himself. I do hope that there is a part 2 for this subject.

  17. I had the VH 2 door Hardtop which is even rarer than the Charger at number 1. The Charger was awesome though (Hey Charger)….. used to see them all the time where I lived. Loved the magenta coloured ones.

  18. The S.A. Firenza was the only surprise ( new to me Info ) on this list. Wow ! 290 H.P. Hi performance 302 chevy and all 😮👍🏁really cool

  19. Having been fascinated ever since first seeing that Mad Max Interceptor in the movies, I would take one of those Aussie FAlcon XB’s

  20. In North America we had the Maverick grabber. It had the same signature “nostrils” in the hood that the Mustang GT had. Mercury made the Comet GT. It had one hood scoop that spread all across the raised portion of the stock hood. I have to admit, I never even heard of a Maverick GT but if it did exist in south america, it was a mashup version of the Maverick grabber and the Comet GT. Both of which I have owned and to this day are the most favorite cars I have ever owned. I still have diecast models of them.

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