8 Forgotten American Sports Coupes Of The ’80s

8 Forgotten American Sports Coupes Of The '80s
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8 Forgotten American Sports Coupes Of The '80s

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  1. I almost got myself a 1990 Sunbird GT Turbo coupe as my first ever car…then the guy fired the car up, and it puffed smoke like crazy. But I still to this day love the look

  2. These cars were fun.

    I had a Daytona, my brother had a sunbird, my friend had the Buick.

    Nice list, brought back nice memories of driving these things for me.

  3. Ummmm, I’d hardly call the Mirada a sports coupe, use in nascar aside. It was a personal luxury car.

  4. I loved my ’86 laser! Wish I still had it. It was such a great car. Handled beautifully in the snow and the mpg’s couldn’t be beat! It was a great bargain sports car!

  5. Ahh yess, when shitty underpowered North American made cars received sporty cosmetics, front-wheel drive and 4-cyclinder (alleged) turbo engines. They were over-priced for the time yet everybody wanted one for the hip-factor ‘you were successful’ in whatever you were doing. The Ford EXP and the 2-door Escort were affordable for those just out of College with your first job in the early 80s. My favourite was the Dodge Omni .024 coupe. The Pontiac Fiero was a massive seller with its mid-engine novelty, I can’t remember seeing any Fiero’s on the road after the early 90s.

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