8 Laps Versus a Pro in the NEW Maserati MC20 GT2 | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

The brand-new Maserati MC20 GT2 is very cool, brand-new and Henry Catchpole has actually driven it. What's more, it may just generate a road car to measure up to a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. For the minute it is the best entrant to the Fanatic GT2 race series, competing against cars such as the Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8, Mercedes-AMG GT and KTM X-Bow along with a Porsche 911, obviously. It is likewise the follower to the famous MC12 Corse.

With the same 621bhp, turbocharged Nettuno V6 as the Maserati MC20 street cars and truck, the GT2 variation is absolutely not doing not have in performance. However it is likewise meant to be more friendly than a GT3 automobile. It ought to be approachable for an amateur in addition to exceptionally quick in the hands of a professional. To put this to the test, Henry Catchpole was offered 8 laps to get as close as possible to the time of Maserati's multiple championship-winning test and advancement chauffeur, Andrea Bertolini.

Just to contribute to the pressure, the track is the Autodromo di Modena, a circuit that Catchpole has actually never driven before. And he had to speak to camera while driving. And it's well known that a Croissant for breakfast makes you slower. And if you just turn to page 439 of the BIG Book of Racing Chauffeur Excuses … Thankfully the MC20 GT2 has both adjustable ABS and traction control to assist and the secondary controls were all laid out according to the mentors of a particular Michael Schumacher.

The bodywork is carbon fiber however the brakes are steel. The GT2 category doesn't prioritise aero like a GT3 automobile, but nonetheless it will produce over 1000kg of downforce with its splitter, wing, diffuser and flat floor. The transmission is still paddle-operated, but the ratios remain in a 6 speed consecutive instead of a dual clutch 'box. The dihedral doors remain from the roadway automobile and the GT2 can likewise be fitted with a 2nd seat, to permit training. Or just very fun traveler rides.

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The Driver's Seat with Henry Catchpole.

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8 Laps Versus a Pro in the NEW Maserati MC20 GT2 | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

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    1. I enjoy that they’re so unlike each other in style and so differently paced. If they ever collaborate, I hope it’s for something spectacular and generationally significant.

    2. @@stron2004 titillating, but only as long as we still get the podcast with DTS that goes over EVEN MORE nerdy details.

  1. Another great film Henry, bravo – also raised a smile for “tickle your trident! ” great work.

  2. The beauty and performace of these machines always leave me amazed. Very beautiful video.

  3. I really wish Maserati would make a Granturismo GT4 and an MC20 GT3. The previous generation Granturismo GT4 was a much-beloved stalwart entrant in the series, and the new car is an even better candidate. I feel like their resources wasted in Formula E could be spent elsewhere in a much more effective manner on ICE racing series, but I’m still glad that the MC20 GT2 exists.

    1. GT3 would require a lot more time and effort relative to GT2 so I doubt Maserati would be down to it in the future.

    2. @@drewwrobel564 European GT2 Series and Ratel wants to add it to basically every SRO series bar the main one (though Spa may have them since it’s also a IGTC round) NLS has it as a class and smaller stuff also allows them.

    3. Their experience in Formula E informed the development of the Granturismo and MC20 Folgore variants, which is the point of that kind of racing. That’s hardly wasted resources.

  4. As much as I loved watching the driving, I could’ve watched Mr. Catchpole talk about how the Nettuno works for ages. Love the passion for engineering art.

  5. You’re being very modest Mr C, you’d embarrass a lot of the well seasoned AM’s in British GT. Great video

  6. That Andrea “found time” with a passenger in the car speaks to how well the gentleman knew the course and the car. Exquisite.

    Henry, you’re always so reserved and softly spoken, you could tell that you’re genuinely tickled with this Maserati. Your smile didn’t leave your face the entire time.

    1. Man I totally agree. The likes of Harris and Hammond screaming and giggling with so little substance is irritating. Henry is an absolute master

    2. @@Jon-em4kc if you know your thing there’s no need to scream the work is gonna speak for itself

  7. Henry, I really hope you do get to race with Andrea as his teammate in a Pro-Am race. The envy is big in this one. All I can do is drive the sim version in ACC

  8. Catchpole, Chris Harris & J.Bovingdon truly are the best motor journalists left out there. Love when he says “Bravo” to him ahah

  9. 9:53 A GT2 Season with Andrea + Catchpole driving and covering the races would be amazing! 100% a must to watch! Please make it happen! 😀

  10. You’re being extremely modest, Henry. A 3 second delta, under the given conditions and constraints, is fantastic. You were able to identify the gaps. With a bit more time, you’d likely be within a second of Andrea, which is COMMENDABLE!!

  11. WOW! Within 3 seconds in a car you don’t know and on a track you don’t know with only 8 laps… That is damn good! Congratulations on that!

  12. Now that Harris is somewhat retired, Catchpole is #1. And, though short of Harris on raw emotion, he was probably always the best. Poetry, passion, history, theatre, and the right questions answered. Every time. We’re lucky to have him.

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