8 Old Classic Vintage Cars For Real Men

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  1. One of my favorites was the 1965 Pontiac GTO with the 421 HO engine. It had a light body and Pontiac lied about it’s horsepower [for the racing circuit], it was higher than advertised.

    1. Oswald Montecristo,
      Thank you for the information and that you grew up in that era. I was a mechanic in the 1960’s. That does not mean I knew everything. I am an old man now and my memory often fails me. It is possible that my friend had the 421 HO dropped in the ’65 goat and I had forgotten, and if that is the case I apologize. I do not remember his 1965 GTO having anything other than the 421 HO.

    2. GM did not sell A-bodies with more than 400 cubic inches. That was their rule. that’s why you’ll sometimes hear the 401 nailhead called the 400 nailhead. Buick’s were the only a-bodies with over 400 cubes.

      Oh and ZZstaff, thank you for acknowledging that you dont know everything, because none of us do. A lot of guys are quick to argue their point back because they think they know it all. It takes a man to admit he might not be right.

    3. A more typical swap on an early Goat would have been the more common 400″ from a 68 to 70 model, a Ram AIr III or IV. 455 ” motors also were a nice swap for torque. Easy to do as the bell housing patterns and the engine dimensions externally were all identical. It was a little easier swap than going from a 401 nailhead in a 65 Buick Gran Sport to a later model 400-455CI Buick because the nailhead lacked the modern BOP bolt pattern, so the transmission had to be swapped as well, increasing costs..

      It is really hard to find those vintage high performance Pontiac 421 engines these days, so now people swap in a Chevy LS motor in those early A-bodies. Nice performance, but from a nostalgia sense, not the same thing.

      It was nice when each division of GM had their own engines instead of just using a small block Chevy like many of the late 70’s early 80’s GM products did.

    4. That is why we should try our best to get the correct information out there. Even wiki with its public editing often ends up with a number of errors and omissions. And often when bench racing, rarely do people look up or double check the “facts”.

      I think it is important to inform the new generation about the greatest era of engines. Few people today know how to build them. Why would they when they can go lay down a lot of cash for a Hellcat Challenge or ZL1 Camaro?

  2. Love these cars, another of my favorite would be the Shelby Daytona. Such a beautiful and raw muscle car.

  3. I was working in a Rolls Royce/Bentley in the 90s they had a gullwing mercedes on the ramp had a quick look underneath , patchwork quilt would be a understatement .

  4. The 1965 was the coolest of the 60’s Riviera. I really liked how the headlamps were hidden behind retractable
    pods at the end of each front fender. If I could have any of these cars, it would be either the Buick or the Mustang.
    Of course I would not mind that ’61 Lincoln or the mid 50’s Skylark. Both amazing cars. I am dating myself here, but as a youngster I have been in the Buicks, the Mustangs and the Lincoln. My friend owned a 61 Continental, another owned a ’53 Skylark as well as a 65 Riviera and a guy I worked with had a GT-350 Mustang. For me, I would be happy with any of them today.

  5. Riv’s didn’t have 6.6 liter engines with 325 horses. They had seven litre engines with 465 torque and 340 horsepower.

  6. i loved the video because of the raw sound of the engines, the Gto was the best for me, i don’t care if it cost about a million $ nowadays it has always been expensive anyway, but at least “she”is still driven by someone.

  7. The 1963 Buick Riveria might have had its own body, but its base engine – the nailhead 401 rated at 325 hp – was the same as in the Electra 225 and the Wildcat. Ran well enough, but was hardly any kind of special high performance motor.

  8. Loved the track footage from inside the Ferrari; he wasn’t hanging about, even at the wheel of a few million dollars worth of machinery; I found myself bracing against the side of my armchair as he took those fast curves!

  9. 8:10 Raised white letter tires? How could you?!? 9:20 Right-hand-drive Roadmaster Skylark? And where were the Studebaker Golden Hawk and Avanti? With the 352 Packard V8 and the Granatelli-prepped supercharged Studebaker 289, respectively, they were among the fastest cars you could buy in their times.

  10. 8 Old Classic Vintage Cars For RICH Real Men! With a few exceptions like the Buicks and the Continental, these classics are worth their weight in silver, if not gold. Shelby manufactured the GT350’s from 1965 to 1967 and GT500’s in 1967 in his own plant. Ford took over in 1968 and promptly eclipse the Shelby in 1969 with the Boss 302 & 429 – both outstanding cars. The XKE belongs on this list as well as the Aston Martin DB-5

  11. Enzo Ferrari said the E-type was “the most beautiful car in the world.” Coming from an Italian connoisseur he should know that Malcolm Sayer’s design is flawless from every angle. But I’m sad that a kit car was never made for us who can’t afford it these days.

  12. 1. 1966 Shelby Cobra 427
    2. 1967 Jaguar e-type roadster
    3. 1969 Mustang Shelby GT 500
    4. 1975 Porsche 911 Turbo (930)
    5. 1965 Aston Martin DB5

    1. @Dio zando you really gonna shut up a guy who wrote a song just for a body of a women which he called Wonderland… Nahh good luck with that

  13. 63-65 riviera is still a beautiful car. rarely see one. 325 horsepower. modify it a little and you have serious muscle car power. a true sleeper. always liked those clam shell headlight covers..

  14. A side note: The 63 Buick Riviera design was initially intended for Cadillac but Cadillac said “ah we’re good” so Buick said “wow you sure bro, ok”. Good move on Buick.

  15. 1961-1969 Lincoln Continental. It is arguable the best American design ever. If not, then it is in the top five if not in the top three. And if Lincoln wants to use this car again, it had b etter look a lot more like this design than it did on the last version. It also BETTER be Rear-Wheel-Drive with the Company’s best engine.

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