8 UGLIEST American Muscle Cars Ever Made!

American muscle cars are known for their powerful engines, sleek designs, and high performance. But not all muscle cars are created equal. Some of them are downright ugly, with bizarre shapes and questionable features. In this video, we will look at 8 of the ugliest American Muscle Cars Ever Made and why they failed to impress car enthusiasts.
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8 UGLIEST American Muscle Cars Ever Made!

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    1. ​@@HANDBALLDIEHARD ; that wouldn’t work either since the Mustang 2 tripled the sale from the earlier model. Not sure any Mustang since have been even close to selling as good. It was the right car for the time. Just like the very first generation. The sales started dropping after the design update for ’67 and kept going downhill until the “hated” Mustang 2.

  1. I live in South East Asia and there’s a red ’62 Dodge Dart 10 miles away from my house, probably because compared to the more common 60s and 70s Japanese cars the Dart looks pretty cool to me.

    1. They were cool. But in the U.S., there was a marketing error behind this car. Research will have you laughing. [And if you’re a car buff you should research this.] Chrysler’s inaccurate data from “corporate spies” led Chrysler’s CEO to make a serious error and order the downsizing of ALL Dodge and Plymouth models to compacts in the early 1960’s. He mistakenly thought Ford and GM were going to do the same thing. Worse, he ordered Chrysler’s downsized compact cars to include the daring design factors of a full sized car because he mistakenly thought the market would be flooded with boring looking compacts. He wanted Chrsyler products to “stand out.” Well, he got his wish, here, didn’t he? Unfortunately Americans were quirky in those days. We we wanted a conservatively priced car to look, well, conservative, not as if designed by The Jetsons. It is more complicated than this, of course, but this daring looking car [a red over red interior convertible was my favorite] was designed for a market flooded with conservative looking compacts that didn’t arrive! By 1964 the CEO was fired over this mistake.

    2. @@davemerrick951 that’s interesting to know, safe to assume people who watches this channel is a car guy but Dodges/Chrysler & GM story are not my expertise, I’m a Ford fan first and foremost so growing up I had a bias against GM & Dodge/Chrysler as childish fanboy lol, only done my research on Ford, Ford of Europe, popular Europe and Japanese cars.

      The ’62 Dart I seen was red with red interior, It’s certainly looks nothing like common Japanese cars sold here from the same era… it’s massive in comparison, triple the displacement ( I assume this Dart has the slant 6 ) and it’s unique design would caught attention here…for that I think they’re cool dare I say cooler than ’62 Falcon

  2. It was fun watching this video, and while they might not be the most attractive muscle cars, I wouldn’t call them ugly.

    1. I’d LOVE to have another one (I had a ’62 Polara 413 car). They looked mean like they were gonna eat you up on the street.

  3. Mustang II was marketed as an economy car. It was very attractive compared to most economy cars of the time.

  4. Dodge Dart and specially the Camaro 4th gen is good looking. The camaro is a real muscle car of its time. In my opinion there are no ugly cars but some are not muscle cars

  5. In 1962 I thought the Dart440 was ugly, but it has aged very well and is now a pretty good looker. We see a 1962 Polara version at car shows and it draws positive reviews. Thanks for the video.

    1. I have a 1997 camaro SS that I am almost finished restoring. It’s Arctic White, I added the orange stripes, and I did the LT4 conversion when I rebuilt the engine. It was heartbreaking to see the same body style on this list 😂lol.

    2. @@mistered9435 yeah, that car does not belong on that list at all. They’re beautiful! Who ever put the Camaro on there doesn’t have class or taste imo.

  6. The Mustang II was a necessity, it saved both Ford & the Mustang brand. It might have been less desirable than its predecessor but it deserves respect. Also, it was voted Motortrend car of the year 1974.

    1. The Mustang II tripled the sale from its predessor. It sold better than the Mustang had done since 1967. ’74 sales surpassed ’68 and the next years sales.

    1. Another love or hate design. Put a glass roof on an old one and you have a nice little greenhouse for starting plants in the spring.

  7. I personally think the Gremlin are actually kind of cool or fun. An smaller hatchback available with an big V8 and some cool looking “muscle car” type stribes, decals and wheels right from the factory. The rear end are unusual in design, but I don’t see it as ugly at all.

    1. A high school friend of mine owned a Gremlin. I had the awful experience of getting wedged into the back seat once. It was torture.

    2. The Pacer was just weird. An upside-down motorized goldfish bowl. Remember the ads? “You don’t RIDE like a Pacer unless you’re WIDE like a Pacer!”@@Offthbadan

  8. i owned a couple of gremlins . a 6 cyl version auto trans and one with a V8 and a 4 speed manual trans .
    loved them both !
    also had a 1987 cougar , great car !

    1. @@danielthoman7324 Daniel….as your car depreciates each and every year….these classics will APPRECIATE equally in response.
      I’ve been buying and selling classic cars for decades and can speak to this….sorry, but it’s a fact. And how can you like yours “better”
      if you’ve never owned a classic muscle car before? I’m guessing you’re in your early 20s maybe?? Hmmmm……..

    2. We had a 64 when I was a kid and I thought the push button transmission was the coolest. Darts and Savoy’s were unassuming cars but made good sleepers.

  9. Looking back at the Mustang II now I can appreciate it’s looks. From introduction until about five years ago I just thought it was an embarrassment for everybody. Though a high school friend’s brother had one.

    My 2000 Camaro Z28 convertible was my first sports car. I purchased it in 2011 and fell in love with it. Though I like it better at the 2011 price not the MSRP new. I still have it. It’s my favorite of the 9 or so cars I’ve owned.

  10. The 62 Dart is so ugly that it is actually very cool, and how can anybody not like the 413 option.
    My dad bought a new Polara convertible, red with a red gut with a white top in 64 with a 426 “not a Hemi” with a crossarm set-up. Was only 10 at the time. Not sure if he ordered the car or bought it from the dealer stock. He also attempted to buy a 64 427-lightweight Galaxie which was sitting in the dealer showroom before he bought the Polara. Not sure why the Ford dealer has a Super Stock drag car on the showroom, that was for sale, but it is possible it was special ordered, and the original buyer backed out, who knows. I think my mom wanted nothing to do with that Galaxie considering it had no options and rubber mats instead of carpet..

  11. As the old cliché says, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” IMHO, the 1962 Dart was a great looking car. From the unique grille/headlight configuration to the stylish tail end it was creative, interesting, unique.
    I’d take one anyday. Body line reminiscent of the 1960 Plymouth Valiant, which I’d also take.

  12. Well the 63 Dart did not just swap the grille. It was a completely different vehicle, an A-body instead of a B-body, “compact”, not mid sized, economical- only offered a 6 cylinder. It was actually comparable to the 62 Lancer. A 63 Dart has nothing to do with a 62 except for the name

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