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  1. It’s strange they only did the Fox body gauge cluster as an option. The 60’s or 70’s gauges look better, in my opinion.

    1. Right I actually love the fox body but I know it’s far from the best generation of mustang kinda an odd choice

  2. A missed opportunity in my opinion they could had the gadges from all the mustangs or at least one from each generation

    1. especially since i imagine it being so easy lol. i seriously can’t fathom why they didn’t do it since it’s only 6 generations… can’t wait to see other cars doing this though.

    1. @Wyatt_sho It’s just parts bin stuff like most of the switchgear. It’s cheap and not special in any way really. I don’t hate it. It works. But it’s nothing to write home about.

    2. The green is my favorite part of it. The 80s green glow is something I wish all cars had. Orange would also work

  3. Cool, but I’d WAY rather have a regular analog gage cluster because they’re so much cooler than a screen display. I really don’t like digital gage clusters.

    1. I like the ones that mimic the analog gauges like this. Not a fan of the ones that only have a speedo shown as a number, fuel level as “blocks” etc. They’re boring.

  4. Except all the side gauges were the coolest part that made you feel like you were in a cockpit, they short you on half of them even tho they’re free

  5. I’m still waiting for times when we would be able to download custom user made gauge cluster themes. Since I had my 2021 Tiguan R

    1. Yeah, not just the layout but even just the “finish” looks like really hokey 2012 era skeuomorphism. It looks like an HTC phone running Windows Mobile 6.5.


  6. It would be cool if we would actually get like a brand new Fox body like a 2025 Fox body or something
    Bring back some classics cars

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