9 Cars With The Most Rare Engines

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  1. That Chrysler Turbine Power I would imagine at the time seemed too futuristic for the masses to accept. But it does have some nice lines.

  2. What a shame Chrysler shelved the turbine. All that development and technology to get to where they arrived and nothing. Would have been nice to see it as an option in certain models. And, yes, I am well aware of the heat issue from the exhaust, its poor mileage, and high emissions. But, as an a!ternative powerplant on a limited basis for certain cars in the Chrysler line, it would have been interesting. And I am sure Chrysler would have solved the issues the engine had.

    1. Turbine engines are way more expensive to make than 4 stroke V8s.
      No money to be made on that.
      Plus they are sluggish to accelerate.
      Turbines are made for sustained power like in airplanes.
      Not City driving.

  3. 5:38 the “Garret” turbine… Garrett is spelled with two t’s, when referring to the turbine manufacturing company… Believe me, I know! Lol!

  4. I have a Chrysler turbine…..its about 4 inches long and is screwed onto a plastic base. Only cost me $4

  5. Autant que je me souvienne ROVER avait mis au départ la OO qui avait un moteur a turbines
    Ces engins ont leurs place a part entière dans l’histoire de l’automobile
    Fiat en 1954,Renault L’ÉTOILE FILANTE….

  6. I worked in research and did further development on the turbine but i also drove it over and over. No there won’t be a lot of heat because of our brilliant heat exchanger.

  7. As a grade-school age kid, I was a convertible version of this car crying Highway 9, between Los Gatos and Saratoga.I asked my dad about it and said some surgeon owned it.

  8. just imagine driving a turbine engine powered vehicle around idk why but that seems kinda cool especially since it cod run off of Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, J4 Jet Fuel, and even Vegetable Oil even though it sounded like a giant vaccum

  9. Jay Leno has at least 4 of those engine powered vehicles and some you didn’t show, i.e. steam engine cars.

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