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  1. My father bought a brand new 69 Torino talladega my mom was not so happy . Those where the days. His brother had a 68 GTX 440.

    1. Yeah one reason is that little Billy Francis said they were too fast after watching 👀 them in practice laps and he was always against Ford

    2. @David Graham They also had to follow the engine restrictions that Nascar put on the winged cars. Small block motor. Never even built any of these for Nascar.

    3. @TC Johnson FALSE. 1971 There was a MOPAR aero car that ran in NASCAR with a small block engine and it was a failure.

    4. @sergeantmasson3669  Didn’t say nobody tried to run a wing car in 1971. They were just useless with a small block. This Torino never even got built for Nascar. It would have to run a small block too. Aero restrictions. Nothing false

  2. Ford Australia XA Falcon GTHO Phase IV. One of one before Ford pulled the pin on production due to political pressure to stop making “bullets on wheels”

  3. What about the 1973 Ford XA GTHO Phase 4 ? . . not a prototype or an experiment but a complete model with exactly 1 registered car made. It weighed about 3000 pounds, also had a hand built 351 Cleveland putting out around 370HP, a close ratio top loader, a nine inch diff with rear discs and could do 160mph.

  4. My uncle had a 1970 Torino GT with the 429 super cobra jet new, blew it up, rebuilt it with better components, and it would eat hemi cars easily, big block Chevys were not even in the same league. Biggest problem was you couldn’t put much tire under it, wheel wells were to narrow.

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