9 UGLIEST Cars that will SHOCK you

9 UGLIEST Cars that will SHOCK you
Has it ever occurred that you saw a car on the roadway and wondered "who could think about this design?" That minute comes everywhere and everybody experiences this. Here, we are lining up the ugliest and most questionable automobiles to save your day from these freaks.
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9 UGLIEST Cars that will SHOCK you

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    1. AFAIK in Japan, many owners get a new model after Just 3-4 years, but no one likes to buy the same model twice, so in the one hand in the streets you See mostly current makings and manufacturors feel forced to ho ahead with constant change and makeovers, in contrast to e.g. brands like classic Volvos, that people bought and drove forever.

  1. Spending 1 year in Italy should mandatory for any car designer.
    Anyhow: You can roughly group ugly vehicles into
    *) failed proportions
    *) dominant elements (like BMW’s front)
    *) overall lack of … shape, resulting in oversimplification or excess of curves that lead to un-memorisable looks
    *) excessive shaping, details and lines … were none are needed.
    We remember a lot of weird concept cars from the 70ies, but most didn’t hurt or bore the eye like todays CAD-triggered failures … and we DO remember them and a bunch of these lead to later classics, in an eased interpretation of their styling language (like the Stratos and the Countach).
    Btw – the i3 … I think it’s not that bad, but when compared to the Honda competitor (whose visual is based on the legendary S600, and also reminds of the Golf I) it lacks … inheritage.

  2. Bmw make ugly cars but like the other cars they make they look beautiful and cool like the M8,M6,M4 and the i8 Coupé is beautiful and cool too

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