A discussion on what it took to rebuild our 283 Chevy small-block

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A discussion on what it took to rebuild our 283 Chevy small-block

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  1. I remember when I was 18 my dad and I constantly working on a 55 two door hardtop chevy bel-air that I found in a garage that had been sitting for 11 years
    It had a 327 and it started up almost right away
    Thank you for a great video

  2. Nice job, Soup classic motoring is a master on doing stop n go motion films
    Ok ok I’m going back in the garage to my project.

  3. I like your attention to detail always enjoy that you evolve other people to experience the joy you get from building engine’s thanks 😊

  4. Davin has a little OCD when it comes to engine rebuilding? I’ve built a few engines of coarse with a excellent machine shop and they held up nicely
    without having to do all of the double checking everything!!! GOOD machine shop is the key!! Thanks for this series with Davin of coarse, a wealth of knowledge and expertise!!

  5. Painting the individual pieces and then assembling creates more detail you could see where one part stops and the next part begins as opposed to it all being unified under a layer of paint

  6. Stock 283 high hp number for 4bbl solid cam is 265 hp and 283 hp for the fuelie in vetts. I believe Davins hp numbers were describing the 283 2bbl hydraulic cam version

  7. I own 6 small block powered rigs, a run and drive somehow, and most parts interchange between all of them, not including spare stuff I have laying around. It’s crazy how these engines are still in use and sought after, and how much more affordable they are to maintain and rebuild if necessary. It’s been years since I had to remove a cylinder head or separate engines and transmissions for seals. Thanks man!

  8. Really GOOD description as to WHY the process…however, i find those economical roller tips rockers a waste of time and money. The original design stamping is surprisingly reliable! And safe for not haveing the roller fall out and Causing BIGGER problems. A new set of them (unfatiqued) would be a very good choice. Otherwise it’s just bettter to move on up to a FULL roller rocker. Reference “engine masters” dyno tv for proof. The stamped ones lasted for decades, thousands of miles… incredible reliability for street. Especially for that cam.

  9. Great video ! The information given is beneficial for those who pay attention. The 180 off group is disappointed to say the least.

  10. Hagerty, are you selling these rebuilds to recoup the costs that go into these engines and builds? Just curious.

  11. Nice work, Ben (and Davin). It is great that Ben got to do some of the disassembly and reassembly work. Nice job both of you on this nice 283.

  12. Assembly lube on a piston can clog an oil ring causing issues during break in . so it’s a no no. Yes regular oil only or hilton hyper lube is ok.

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