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  1. I’m thoroughly impressed by the level of engagement in this thread. It’s like a symphony of minds coming together.😛

    1. Now there is 3 cybertrucks. Which are the Lanzador, the cybertruck itself, and this nissan.

  2. Good luck on getting insurance. Only the top 1% would be able to afford it. If I had the money I wouldn’t want that contraption.

  3. Brother, a third person passed behind me. (I heard the voice of the person crying about a threat from a mysterious entity.) ‘Did you see any of them?’

  4. Неплохая попытка Ниссан! Вам всё ещё далеко до АвтоВаза 😅

  5. But can it Survive the Typical City Street, that needs a Sh*t-Ton of Reconstruction 😂😂😂

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