A modern take on an Alfa Romeo classic! 😍Check out the interior on the brand new 33 Stradale!🔥

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A modern take on an classic! 😍Check out the interior on the brand new 33 Stradale!🔥

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  1. Италия работает лучше всех по дизайну и по красоте линий!

    1. Why? So I can fly to work, or fly vs cruise around, or fly around a track? Jets and cars are distinct and different experiences amigo.

  2. “Aluminium” 🤣 love your accent! I want to here you say Vegitables or Schedual maybe even Vitamins better yet how about and Bob’s your Uncle! 🤣

  3. Muy bonito es eléctrico gracias amiga saludos y muchas bendiciones para usted y su esposo amén

  4. Okay, that’s a seriousally good looking Alph Romao. I disnt know they made anything that actually look amazing and gorgeous for motor vehicles. Everything of theirs I ever saw was like I wouldn’t buy it cause it just doesn’t look attractive to me. Lol. Untill I saw that Alpha Romao. Lol

  5. The biggest disadvantage that I see with cars that have these kind of wing doors is that they are only good to drive in places where the sun shines a greater part of the year or they spend more time in the garage due to bad weather than on the road.

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