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    1. ​@@blackfacegaming191If you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands on a car don’t think you mind paying someone to do it for you

  1. An AWD twin turbo GTR wagon? If Nissan made a new current version it would be the coolest car out there!

    1. @@parkermorris90 Yeah BMW, Mercedes, Audi and during the 90s Volvo had the T5R which I particularly liked.

    2. ​@@hollywoodcheremonkeyT5-R is front wheel drive isn’t it? I’m 90% sure the V70R was the start of awd Volvo R models

  2. Great. Thank you again Doug for making one of my affordable dream cars unattainable once again. Just please don’t touch a regular C4 Corvette please.

  3. Now you guys buy out all the cool 90s JDM and nothing left here in Japan😂

    Well, not many car enthusiasts left either though…

    1. Btw, I used to own a stagea 25t-rs that has the engine of r33 skyline gts-t which I bought it for less than $3000 15yrs ago. Now it costs like over $20,000 😂

    2. By not that many car enthusiast, does that mean car-related ‘things’ not really popular there anymore? Or is it already dead?

      I used to follow updates from Speedhunters and they made articles about car culture update from Japan and I thought there are many car enthusiast there.
      (Well, honestly I follow them because they have excellent photographs but, I get some news as a side menu.)

    3. @@kamikakushi9137 Thanks for the comment! Ahmm, I wouldn’t say it’s dead but not as much as it used to be in 90s or early 2000. It’s sad but you hardly see any sports cars driving around here anymore.

      Well manufacturers don’t even sell sedans, coupes, station wgns or hot hatches because there’s not enough demands but instead, what you see is stupid mini-vans and hybrids and small suvs.

      Except gtr or lexus f-series, such as gr Yaris/Collora, 86, Supra, 370z, Skyline 400r, subaru wrx, etc. are still available but for instance, a Toyota Supra rz costs nearly $80,000 (if $=¥100) to drive away which is almost double the average annual salary 😂

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