Absolutely Forgotten And Ultra Rare Supercars

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    1. I love the shuppan 962 look that beauty up it looks like a regular 962 had babies with a 959 simply gorgeous

    2. @Dylan Horswell And that would be called a 908. Version 1 and 2 were flat eights, in version 3 they went with a flat 6 turbo.

    1. @Jan Nowak shut up. You don’t get the joke and you’re just a little 5 year old thats offended by everything.

    2. @Jan Nowak you’re a triggered 12 year old snowflake. How cute.

      (I changed my name to his to see if this dumbass will add himself to his list.)

  1. A lot of these are one offs, prototypes, concept cars. They are not forgotten, just didnt make into production.

  2. Not much of a car guy but there was 3 cars in there I didn’t instantly recognize. But then again, I always kind of was fascinated by exotics and project cars.

    1. Manjula Bai Funny enough I have that Porsche in RR3 as well😂It is one hell of a car to drive in game,can’t imagine how quick it is in real life

  3. Excuse me. The Nissan R390 Gt1 was my car of choice in Gran Turismo games. Total legend, never forgotten.

    1. But u don’t need to be rude man he wouldn’t hav got a dream or a vision to know that the r390 gt1 was a car of ur choice

  4. The Mr. Venturi looks like a Ferrari F-40 kit car made from the 4 cylinder Fiero or other cheapo. As for the Porsche 962–who forgot that? Where are the mid to late 80’s Nissan GTP cars that raced IMSA? They were awesome race cars.

  5. The RX500 is a forgotten car that this generation has no clue what it is. All of these cars are gorgeous. We need something unique.

  6. At least 2 of these cars I did totally forget about till now, soon as I saw the Vector M12 and the Venturi I had 90s Gran Turismo flash backs. No telling the grind it took me to afford them. I rem in game the Mitsubishi 3000 gt you could get cheap and jack the engine up so much it was faster than the expensive as Super cars lol. It’s been min since I even thought about my old P.S. and Gran Turismo. That an driver 3 kept me occupied on the daily. Oh an top down Grand Theft Auto😆

  7. We could include also Aixam Mega Track (400 hp, V12 off-road supercar), Tatra MTX V8 (3-4 pieces were made with air-cooled and carburated V8 between 1991-93) or the Laraki Fulgura…here i’m not sure if was really made for the streets 😉

  8. Nice list. I would of liked to see mention of the TVR Speed 12. Too bad the only video of it is a short clip of it letting loose in a take off and then on fire.

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