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  1. I don’t think the NSX was underappreciated, I think that the people who appreciated them couldn’t afford them.

    1. @Alpha male stud McMuffin badge matters at the price these were selling for. Japanese car companies need to create another more prestigious brand if they want to sell super cars. We aren’t calling a Rolls Royce a BMW.

    2. If Honda would prohibit the other sport models such as the type -R and type -s variants to be locked in at msrp , instead of insane dealer markups, there would be more demand for them.
      You can’t ask 50-60,000 for a civic-R or $72000+ for an integra-S when Bmw or Audi have a much more superior vehicle at that dealer mark up range .

    3. @SwagstopherI have to disagree. The GT-R’s first 3 years of US sales alone were enough to outperform the NSX’s global sales. Had nothing to do with the badge and everything to do with whether it completed well, and the NSX didn’t.

    1. It’s such a dog… like the LFA in being way too expensive and completely unlike the LFA in being markedly worse than a Lamborghini Huracan.

  2. They had 5-6 of them doing hot laps in between sessions at the Long Beach Grand Prix this year, and they were practically silent, even with them running closely together, and you could often hear people snickering “who’s gonna spend that much money on a silent sports car”

  3. They only made 3000 NSXs? Woah, that’s actually insane to think about the fact that I’ve seen one before and thought nothing of it

    1. ​@serbian wolf gaming you are incorrect. A total of 2,908 cars were produced, including 350 Type S models. That’s all Honda and Acura badged cars total.

  4. My grandpa actually built the NSX’s. The PMC Factory have open houses and we got to see the nsx type s being painted. It was very interesting.

  5. Everyone is going googley eye for the TLX with Integra written on it, but is forgetting Acura created this absolute beauty

  6. I was able to get a ride in one that was slightly modified. They’re insanely fast (people don’t seem to realize that) and the build quality is outstanding. I have to agree with him.

  7. I sure hope they depreciate a little bit more so I can get my hands on them soon 😂I remember before the Type S announcement, you could find one with super low miles for $120K, not anymore

  8. I absolutely love the nsx type s. I really wish I could afford one. I would daily drive that thing everywhere.

  9. I have seen three on Oahu in the last four years. One was traveling very quickly straight towards me, on the opposite side of a two-line road, slicing through traffic. It passed by almost silently at great speed and was gone. Most impressive.

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