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    1. At 0:15 seconds, it looks like something I saw in a video on motherless….I think it was a Peachy Keen film.

  1. Just so you know, if a white girl ever tells you to get into the trunk of a car because it’ll be “fun” and ha ha and all that… Run bro.

    You think she didn’t remove the emergency latch release with the little glow in the dark handle?? 😆 She’s way ahead of you.

  2. There’s just something fun about seeing if you fit in a trunk. Not so sure about the closing it part

  3. So, funny story. I do this. And then one time, I was sitting with my 2 year old son waiting for something, trying to keep him entertained. I went into the back of our compact SUV. He’s laughing. We’re having a great time. Then I realize, there isn’t one of those latches. It’s not a proper trunk, so I guess they figure you don’t need one. But I cannot fit over the headrests, and I cannot get them out. Eventually I managed to pull down the seat back of the back seat (which you’re expected to do from the back seats — it was a long reach) but to even remember where that was, I had to call my wife and have her check how to get out. If that hadn’t worked, we were going to have to have her uber to save me.

  4. My uncle once told me the story, so for most of his life he worked with his dad because his dad owns the body shop and that’s what he did his whole life as well, and so did my uncle’s uncle, so he worked there for years, and one day they were working on an older Cadillac eldorado, and he climbed into the trunk doing something to the car but I can’t remember exactly what it was and the truck closed and latched, well the emergency latch was broken, he said he sat in there and panicked for like an hour banging on the truck until his dad finally heard him and let him out😂

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