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    1. It’s not a conspiracy, there’s a buffer. Some data updates at a faster rate than others.

    1. The latter. Did you not hear him in the beginning of the video? Or watch the full video for that matter?

    2. There was no discussion of the E60 M5 in this short. You might be confused.

      E60 AMG all day. The m5 is a time bomb.

  1. I remember my dad and my uncle bought my grandmother this car back when I was a kid and she dropped me off to school in it. Everyone thought I was rich.

    1. I was once dropped off to school in Skoda 120L and few times in Oltcit Club 11R so I also think you were rich 🙂

  2. Thhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss is a 1994 Mercedes Benz E60 AMG
    and it feels fun ina way the 500e absolutely did not…. hooo hooo hoooo 4000… wow…. wow…
    that is some serious acceleration… above 3500 rpms
    Said Doug demuro

  3. When he said 4000
    I thought he was taking about the cost of an oil change on that POS

  4. Doug is the type of guy that gets so excited about driving the Mercedes E60 AMG that he calls all his friends & tells them about it!!! 🙄

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