American Pickers: Picking a Man Cave of Rare Cars (Season 12) | History

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Gus has a barn filled with cars and trucks that have never seen in this clip from Season 12, "". #AmericanPickers
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"American Pickers" takes to a new level as and search the country for concealed gems in junkyards, basements, garages, and barns.

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American Pickers: Picking a Man Cave of Rare Cars (Season 12) | History

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  1. Can History channel do spin off of just How,When,Where these people like Gus got all their stuff?

  2. There should be a season of where Mike and Frank revisit old picks. The people that said they would welcome them back, the ones that said they only saw just a fraction of what they have. And maybe have us fans pick favorite pucks to revisit

    1. She is not even that attractive and she has too many tramp stamps..But ur a thirsty Simp so do whatever..

  3. My husband and I watched pickers for many years, always intrigued as to what treasures they would fine. I’m so glad I ran upon them on you tube. Safe travels guys. Keep digging.

    1. The true treasure diggers are the ones they buy from that go to flea markets and auctions all the time and bring in the treasures.

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