American Pickers: VERY RARE STASH of VW Buses (Season 20) | History

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Mike and Frank remain in where they satisfy Art who has a stash of and a wealth of Volkswagen understanding in this clip from Season 20, "". #AmericanPickers
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American Pickers: of (Season 20) | History

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    1. Theyre not into restoration..they love it as it is..maybe the guys that bought it from them might restore it..

  1. You seem to be a big fan of American Pickers and know the ins and outs of values.I just watch because Mike, Rob,Frank and Danny seem so genuine and nice.I’ve watched so many episodes some 2 and 3 times the guys seem like family.

  2. If i am a seller of a vintage or prehistoric cars…. im going to sell to the right people not just for only a collection…. its a matter of loving the history, loving the car and to show all the people and to the world that this car are still exist….

  3. Amazing people and getting amazing Goodies great video. I would put a roof over any Old vehicles over my kids😂👍🤪

  4. Vw guys are different. He got paid and the busses are going to get fixed up. He won in his book. Anyone who doesn’t think so, must not quite get it. ✌🏽

  5. Wow what a great deal, I would love to know what you did with them? Will you fix them up or just sale them?

  6. When he was talking about how as a kid looking through the windows on a trip to the Swiss alps it made me realize how no car today can come close to the perfect road trip car as these vw vans did

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