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    1. I just looked it up and I like that feature from bmw. It works with 2 steps, one goes half way the other goes all the way. Pretty handy

    1. So did BMW who tried this crap first. Truly amazing a brand would be so ignorant as to not realize this has been tried and failed

    2. Yep, it’s the one thing I hate about my raptor. At least you can cancel the signal though. Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad. A regular stalk is so much nicer though

    3. I kinda liked it tbh. It wasn’t that difficult to find out that you need to half it the other way to cancel your turn signal.

    4. Yep. Hate this in my F-150. It makes no sense. It’s literally making turn signals worse. In what way does this improve anything? Where was there a problem to begin with? It now complicates the turn signal, one of the simplest things in a vehicle.

    1. Ferraris of the last 10 years don’t have a stock. It’s buttons in the steering wheel. It sounds annoying but it’s actually quite clever when you see it in action.

  1. Proof that the pinnacle of automobiles was the early 2000s… all the controls worked nicely without irritating “we know better” ideas

    1. ​@swaggytoast5242 there’s 0 reason as to why it shouldn’t stay in place as every other car, when you make changes like this there needs to be a purpose

    2. @@swaggytoast5242 if it aint broke dont fix it man, i dont understand why you gotta judge a dude for complaining about something that messes with everyones muscle memory from driving normal cars

    1. @@hardeepbhatti5338 same, 2014 is350 here. And i came from a BMW with the same stalks lol. It literally takes 15 minutes to get use to and feels much nicer than a standard stalk, but Doug drives 500 different cars a year so i can’t blame him for not understanding how to use them.

    1. ​@RamosDominicano tbh i dont blame him, its a stupid feature/update and ive seen it plenty of times on the road another car constantly switching back and forth trying to get it JUST right

    2. @@markosgarcia8297 It’s not a stupid feature, just feels a bit weird when you drive 500 different cars a year and a new car everyday like Doug. If its your daily, it actually just takes all of 15 minutes to get use to it. I like it better (just like paddle shifters attached to the column which doug seems to really love), its always exactly where you expect it to be

  2. Not to be THAT guy. But I have these turn signal systems in two cars that I daily now, and I MUCH more prefer these to standard turn signals. Firstly you half press these stalks to cancel the turn signal, this is easy to do as all of these systems add heavy tactility to the full turn signal press and lighter resistance to the half press (or timed highway merging blinker). This makes it much easier to cancel turn signals as opposed to a traditional one that you will have to feel around as the positions change pretty substantially depending on the right and left signal. The other benefit is feel and sound, MOST modern traditional turn signal stocks just feel and sound really cheap and crappy. Now I’m not sure why but the back to center signals all feel and sound really really solid and nice, feels like more luxury. As well as this, another benefit like on a Tesla (pre button on wheel) is that the car uses the cameras to sense when a turn signal should be turned off, thus eliminating the NEED to turn the turn signal off. I have a model 3 and can confirm that this works 100% of the time for me, occasionally it will turn off before it sees the left turn icon on the road after merging, but the system overall saves more effort than is given for mistakes. I won’t go on, but these are just some of the benefits in my opinion, and why I prefer back to center turn signal stocks.

    1. The only reason you would need to initiate such quick inputs with a stalk in a predictable spot would be for swimming thru traffic at unreasonable speeds in which case your hand is slightly hovering over the toggle anyways and this way in that scenario would provide a system in which mashing the wrong sequence would be incredibly easy. It feels better/ ~luxurious~ is not a reason to change a safety system that should be utilitarian/accessible foremost.

    2. Did you really have a problem with using a turn signal control before this? Was this EVER an issue or are you just trying to justify your overengineered Tesla?

    1. Automatically when you are done turning or if you just change lanes and go straight for a few feet it clicks off on its own

  3. I remember when I first figured out the newer cars that have the turn signals that blink three times when I was doing a drivers Ed test and I did the exact same thing Doug was doing😂

    1. Exactly! It’s a very useful feature it’s just some people I guess don’t like the sound of the return click

  4. Ford had turn signal toggles in the 2013 to 2015 Taurus and Explorer. So annoying. They went to a traditional switch for 2016.

  5. For the people saying “Well they had to do that to get the 3 flash mode”, no. Our CX-5 has perfectly normal turn signals that stay on when you put them on and turn off when you’re done turning or when you push them back to center, or you can lightly tap the thing to flash 3 times and it pops back to center. It’s not necessary, it’s just annoying, Doug is right here.

  6. Real ones remember that every ford suv and truck had this bs. I still do a little turn signal dance every first couple turns in my works f250…

  7. I honestly have never understood the confusion with these types of turn signals.
    Other signals: Push to detent for 3 blinks. Push over detent to stay on. Tap back in other direction to cancel.
    These signals: Push to detent for 3 blinks. Push over detent to stay on. Tap in either direction to cancel.
    Who in their right mind shoves the turn signal all the way in the other direction when they want to cancel it?

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