Are Modern Sports Cars Too Fast? [Doug DeMuro + Kennan Rolsen + Alanis King]


Tune in as I chat with Kennan and Alanis (@AlanisKing) about whether modern sports cars are too quick. What do you think, are modern-day cars too fast? Let us understand in the comments!


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!
00:31 Are Modern Cars Too Quick?
01:42 The first Few Vehicles are "Manic".
03:16 An Unsuspecting Super Car.
06:49 A 9000 Pound Portion Of Metal.
09:34 These Vehicles Will Be Cheap One Day.
11:20 Porsche Figured It Out.
12:08 Horse Power Figures Are Bonkers.
13:48 A Final (Crazy) Select.
15:24 Outro.

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Are Modern Sports Cars Too Fast? [Doug DeMuro + Kennan Rolsen + Alanis King]

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    1. I’ll take a boring comfortable car that can make me drive all day for hours without being tired over a fast firm car daily.

    2. ​@Malik SamuelsI loved my NC3 Miata so damn much. People who acted like me keeping the already excellent stock engine I was committing a sin…. It’s perfectly powered.

  1. There’s a reason why the Mazda Miata is such a popular car. Balance and fun is the answer. Not top HP.

    1. Came here to write exactly that. Totally true and difficult to believe how fun they are until you try one for yourself.

    2. Some people who live out in the middle of nowhere hp is everything because there’s a lot of really long roads straight lines.

    3. Except the Miata isn’t very popular? Maybe the word you’re looking for is “beloved”.

      Mazda only sold 6,200 Miatas in the US in 2022. Compare that to much bigger and heavier cars. Ford sold 47,600 mustangs. There were about 8,300 hellcat challengers sold that year.

    1. @Nahid HassanI love honda, but in what way is their lineup better than toyotas?Honda isn’t currently producing a real sports car or conventional truck. Toyota has the broader lineup with comparable quality.

    2. @Nahid Hassan my opinion was ford because they basically make something for everyone (raptors, Lincoln’s, mustangs, super duties)

  2. I’ve always felt like I was the only one who ever thinks about this all the time. The fact that you can get so much power for so little money or with terrible credit scores should be scary for some people who like to be on the road often. Teenagers and inexperienced drivers will be all over the road with cars that are way too fast for them, and I’m honestly surprised we’re not doing anything like Australia (not that I would want that). Also, Doug’s Australian accent is hilarious 😂

    1. I don’t see why people with less money or worse credit scores shouldn’t be able to go as fast as wealthier people with better credit scores. Experience is the issue.

    2. Natural selection. They’ll either learn to control the power or they won’t have the car for long. I looked at what Australia does and that seems like needless government meddling. Going slower than the speed limit is a hazard. If Bruce’s parents only have V8 cars and can’t afford another less-powerful car, too bad for him. I love that the US decided not to be subjects and instead chose freedom. I’m always in favor of less government anything.

  3. I went from a turbo 996 to a Lotus with under 300 hp. I have far more fun with the Lotus than I had with the Porsche. The Lotus has useable power, pretty much why I still have it after 9 years

    1. Interesting. I was having a hard time deciding between an exige/Elise and a 996TT. I ended up with the turbo, and never got to drive a lotus. Would love to try it one day. The turbo is brutally fast at times

    2. I javelin an owned an 05 Elise since 06. The Novelty has never worn off, the rarest most emotional sports car I have ever driven.

    3. Agree. I had a 996 Turbo with the X50 pack and it was a little bit dull to drive. It was almost too capable at everything it did. Drove the 992 Turbo S and it is just too fast to be enjoyable on the road.

  4. I am totally with alanis in that range is way more important than power in a electric car. You need to get to your destination!!!!

  5. I’m hoping to collect a 2024 Camaro V6 Manual with the 18″ wheels (not the 20s), NPP exhaust, and Recaro seats — if I get it I’ll do 245/40-18 Firestone Indy 500s have it lowered a small amount and the suspension tightened up along with braided stainless brake lines, uprated pads, and uprated brake fluid, but that’s all the mods I plan to do.

    I think the 335 HP engine that likes to rev will be more fun and usable on the street than the V8 that is geared super tall.

  6. As someone who has raced cars in my younger days, I sincerely think the drivers are a bigger issue than the vehicle HP. The average driver is simply not prepared or skilled enough to deal with a car accelerating at these speeds, or handle a car when it approaches 100mph. When I see people driving on wet pavement in excess of 60-65mph I back away, because it is clear they have no understanding of what hydroplaning is and they are a danger to themselves and others.

  7. Electric drivetrains don’t get dramatically less efficient as they get more powerful, unlike combustion engines. The EV6 is an outlier (and the tested range may be wrong). The range for the Model Y Performance is around 10% lower than the Long Range, largely due to the tires.

  8. Im so proud what this channel has evolved into. A channel that is so much more than what it started from including different types of content that isnt interrupted by some product that has nothing to do with the channel and is too much of the video. This channel and cars and bids has become something to be proud of. Great job guys

    1. Totally with you. But I’d also love to see Doug buy another used Range Rover with a bumper to bumper warranty and fire up the dry erase board total of repairs.

  9. Ive avoided these Doug collab videos for so long, and i must say im pleasantly surprised, huge change of pace from the usual Doug vido but still really good, fair play 👏👏

  10. After riding in a Model 3 performance, I shared Alanis’ same concern that people who never drove anything faster than 9 sec to 60 all of a sudden are in something that’s way faster and are more at risk of causing an accident. It was nice hearing someone else say it

  11. I had more fun and memorable drives in my old Gen 4&5 Preludes than I did in my 987 Cayman S. It only had about 315 HP with some light mods but I really couldn’t responsibly use it anywhere beyond a corner or two when the second gear redline was above 70 mph. I’d get another but the Preludes were more fun. I could feel like I was driving them above 80% all day. I don’t know if I ever did in the Porsche. And they Cayman is now considered “slow,” while it was as fast as a top dog Testarossa that I lusted for in the 80s.

    Last week I had a Tesla launch from my right blind spot. I’ve been to dozens of F1 and Indycar races, and I’ve never seen anything accelerate that fast. Never mind that it was 100% silent. Dude had to take to the shoulder to keep from hitting another car about 100 yards ahead of us. I feel I know what I’m doing and wouldn’t know what to do with that speed. After seeing that, I was like yeah, govern that acceleration. We aren’t trained well enough to handle that, much less expect it from outside the car as a third person. If I see that Tesla 100 yards away, I’ll never expect it to be in my space in 2 seconds.

  12. I agree with everything Alanis said. Most rational / pragmatic angle here. These brake neck speeds are superfluous on any “normal” roads. If I lived near the salt flats or took the autobahn sure I’d take a 600+ hp car for fun.

  13. Rented a Plaid a few weekends ago. It is MIND ALTERING. Being a tuner and drag strip person back 15 years ago, it’s almost sad that you can’t really beat these silent cars with something that sounds good. I am older and boring now, but if I had the money, I couldn’t get myself to buy anything other than something like a plaid

  14. Great discussion! Kennan and Alanis are a great compliment to you Doug. I know I’ve been tough on Kennan for the car reviews (and I stick to it) but he is right at home here. I appreciate Kennan and Alanis’s wisdom and delightful approach to cars.

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