Assembling a Ford V-8 351C Engine: EVERYTHING you need to know

You've seen our Timelapse video, but now we're taking you in depth to show what it took to put this iconic motor together. Davin walks through the procedure action by action and offers some handy pointers along the method. We're getting closer and closer to seeing this 1972 Pantera back on the road.

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Assembling a Ford V-8 351C Engine: EVERYTHING you need to know

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  1. Had a 351 Cleveland in my 1974 Mercury cougar xr7 and it was fully built and sounded amazing, I only got 7mpg but that was when gas was 88 cents a gallon

  2. I’ve been dreaming about this episode soo addicted😍😍😍
    Thanks Hagerty, Special Thanks to Davin & Tom, you guy’s are Awesome👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. I will never build a motor and my wrenching days are long gone. Why do I find these videos so satisfying to watch? IDK But gosh, there’s something about all those new and beautiful parts going together so nicely by an expert……..just fantastic. Thank you guys!

    1. your satisfied because you’re watching an expert doing expert work & you have an eye for when passion & pro create mechanical performance. that’s what I tell myself

    2. Thiese guys (Hargerty) makes watching this grueling process (I build engines once in a while and I’m OCD so its always painfully slow) fun and interesting to watch for seasoned mechanics like me and the un-initiated. It’s a great learning tool too!

  4. I was an automotive machinist back in the 1970’s and the shop I worked at did a lot of work for a local guy who restored Studebakers. Working on the Studebaker V-8 blocks was the first time I saw engines painted on the inside. I just learned now that the paint was Glyptal. Then I had to jump down the rabbit hole and get the history of it off Google. 😁👍🏼

  5. Your videos have convinced me to take on my first engine build project. It would be awesome if you covered the full break in process / testing process.

  6. Damn, Davin, that engine is gonna sound wicked in that Pantera! Your attention to detail is incredible; then again, you have all the fancy tools! Thanks to Davin and the always excellent Crew!✌️❤️🙂🇨🇦

  7. Great video (as always). When Ford originally assembled these engines did they go through the effort of setting TDC like you demonstrated? This looks quite tedious and time consuming in an environment designed to crank out 100’s or 1000’s of cars a day.

  8. Great video as usual! I would love a video like this on the Buick 455! Not much content out there on these. Im going to be rebuilding mine soon and its my first engine rebuild.

  9. Davin I love seeing you put these together, poetry in motion Pal! I haven’t done work like this in many many moons, but at 73 the old body just doesn’t like to cooperate. Still I can live vicariously through you and these great videos, thanks!

    I did just install the Rousch Cold Air kit on my 5.0 Coyote 2017 F-150, so I’m not completely helpless yet. 😊

  10. Great Video!!! Thank you soooo much for all the details you included in this build video. I really appreciate knowing all the spec stuff. I like the time lapse stuff but I like to learn a lot too. Good builds are always made in the details. Very pretty motor by the way. Sounds good too!

  11. Well done. I have no need to know this information because I will never build an engine. But I surely enjoy watching you do it and love seeing the information. I love learning new things at my young age of 74.

  12. Thirty years ago I did this with my dad in the garage. It was a 1979 351 Windsor engine. What a great time with Dad! I really miss those days, and Dad.

  13. Beautiful build, very detailed. Have you ever considered a light skim of flange sealer or Three Bond at the parting line of the rear main cap? Like just behind the main bolt area? Maybe overkill but would help prevent that little “seepage” that seems to happen there. Okay, okay I’ll get back in the shop and do my work 😂

  14. Incredible work as always from the Hagerty Team ! Thank you all for sharing your journey with us ! Can’t wait to see that Pantera running ! Cheers !

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