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  1. Sorry but the Vulcan was definitely their first Hypercar. Or depending on how you look at it, the One-77 could also be considered their first Hypercar.

    1. @itsLSG But that’s not what he said. Don’t put words in their mouth, the title states that this is their “first EVER Hypercar” when that is objectively not true.

  2. Sergei: this is Aston Martin’s first ever hypercar
    Meanwhile Vulcan and one-77: am I a joke to you

    1. Firstly, Vulcan is a track car not a hypercar. Secondly, One-77 is a grand tourer. So yes, Valkyrie is Aston’s first hypercar.

    2. @Param Sehgal Vulcan is a track only hypercar and if you say one-77 is a grand tourer then does that mean the Chiron isn’t a hypercar or the regera isn’t a hypercar

  3. Wouldn’t the One-77 technically be considered a hypercar? I know it’s more grand touring focussed but the 220+ mph top speed and 720+ bhp are more like what you’d get in low-mid range hypercars at the time, not to mention the exclusivity of the thing.

    The Vulcan I’m pretty sure can also be considered a hyper-car in a lot of ways.

    The Valkyrie is definitely the first Aston Martin that looks like a hypercar, but I don’t think it’s the first one.

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