AUCTION RESULTS: Selling 27 Cars in a BUYER’S Market..


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AUCTION RESULTS: Selling 27 Cars in a BUYER'S Market..

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    1. ​@@spartacus8567It was still a great price for a 427 center oiler, I would have bought it at that price!

    2. World Wide Auctions looked like no one was there! Some very good buys for some lucky new owners! When you roll the dice sometimes this happens!

  1. Don’t know what to say Dennis ……. but my goodness , o.k the cars were really struggling but the relationship you and Kelsey have is priceless 💞And congratulations to Alex . Thankyou Dennis

    1. you gotta love the relationship between father/daughter very much like our ex glorious leaders Donald/Ivanka and also share the same hair-dos

    2. Saturday at barrett 72 blazer for 450,000,corvette pro touring going for 1.1 million. 70s chevy pickups for 250,000. Not sure what happened on friday when dennis sold his cars but the prices were mental on saturday. Maybe more alcohol was free on saturday.

  2. Love your enthusiasm Dennis, you’re always so positive which given the circumstances must have been hard. Your team is amazing as well. Keep up the great work and content you provide us. Cheers.

  3. gotta love Dennis saying that Kelsey’s COPO Camaro was the best money spent/ mile of fun. Considering that she drove it a total of about 5 miles…That was a SHITSHOW

  4. Man.. they handled that loss with class. That was rough. Some of those were less than half the hammer price I would have guessed.. Worldwide did them dirty in my opinion. Hardly any enthusiasm or trying to work the crowd at all. Was like watching a wholesale auction on a bunch of Kia’s with salvage titles for the buy here pay here lots.

    1. This is 100% NOT a good market when my 110,000 mile 2016 GMC reg cab 1/2 ton has a $14,000 trade in value. lol

  5. Times have changed, every1s looking for a restomod but not me. I really appreciate what u do and the passion u have for cars Dennis. I appreciate you keeping cars original and showing us the history of the greatest country ever. GOD BLESS 🙏

  6. Maybe Dennis took a beating?? However, I actually think this is a good sign of things leveling out. Makes a normal guy have dreams of maybe owning one of these someday! Love the show Dennis!!!

    1. Sadly that’s about the going rate for that 488. It’s a track only car and can never be titled and requires a team to maintain.

    2. ​​@@trcythmpsnUm, what the fck you think he meant by “will be sold elsewhere” LOL. U.S is the only region this thing has an issue getting on the road…for the sake of a 3k boat ride this will make good coin.

  7. Super interesting how the bidding and crowd determine everything….beautiful relationship between Father and Daughter. Professor does it again. 😊

  8. The Morgan was my favourite, what a steal. WOW, would have just loved to bring that classic back to Cambridge England 🇬🇧

  9. Really cool to see, a little before my time. As a retired Alabama State Trooper I know some of the Troopers that had the Javelin! I was actually one of the few Troopers that were issued SSP Mustangs (in 1988 Alabama bought 36).

    1. Don’t know if you ever heard of Bobby Joe King, but he almost got killed in one of those Javelins in the 70,s

  10. This kind of collector car activity is not for the faint of heart. Thanks Dennis and Kelsey for bringing us along. Congrats to Zack!

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