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  1. Already watched the full-length video, getting really tired of my sub feed being spammed with snippets

    1. Yep same, maybe Doug should turn his “More Doug” channel into “Doug DeMuro Shorts”

      Edit: More Doug has turned into Cars and Bids so now Doug has two Cars and Bids channels…

    2. I hate shorts yet YT continually forces them into my feed, especially in between my subs. They’re for Gen Z with ZERO attention span.

    1. @Just some Estarossa with a moustache nah the thigh slap is more of a sway. Drifting is reserved for the rear.

  2. In my humble opinion, you should convert one of the ‘Cars & Bids’ channels into ‘Doug DeMuro Shorts’ β€” or maybe ‘Doug’s Shorts’, or ‘Two Shirts and Shorts’ (for a humorous name) β€” instead of posting these shorts on your main channel. This will help eliminate redundancy.

    1. But the Shorts are in a different section on the channel. Doug wants people to check his main, it’s easier.

    2. @Ehehehehehe What I meant was, these Shorts are redundant because most people might have already watched the full, main video. Plus, these Shorts unnecessarily clog up my Subscriptions page and make it too cluttered for my liking.

    1. @Ganjatraining — Wasn’t aware of that.

      I mean, a “street legal” one for us normies.

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