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  1. Damn how much to replace the mechanism if it malfunctions & what other part of the car will stop working because of it 😂😂 too much tech being added to these cars. Cool look tho…

  2. What will the motor industry do when we have not fuel to drive cars? EVs will not sustain mobility and are far too expensive.

  3. I think those Honda Civics need a steering wheel like that since these gremlin thieves are always steeling Honda Civics lol 😂

  4. 2 things 1 you can’t drive a car if the powers out and your out of “gas” and 2 I don’t wanna have to wait a minute just to start driving but pretty sweet car though I would still buy it

  5. Too many moving parts that we’ll break super easy, I love Audi anyways and God bless. ❤️🏁🔥🔥💥💥💥

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