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    1. It depends if u have usb-c, usb micro or lightning port(apple)

      But i guess you can arrange it with the dealership

    1. This is a concept car, where there are too many cup holders in the warehouse turned into lighting drones.
      This worked great with an iron on the spaceship Orion 😆.

  1. So when you hit a pothole in the phone goes flying out of its holster, does the vehicle just shut down?

    1. ⚠️Extra special suckers attached on the inside retainer mackerel holder Lx 305ED. But only if u tally wackit twice and then tweet it …🚘🚗THEN you can drive comfortably.💯💯💯💯💯♻️

  2. Very convincing concept, cheap camping chairs in the off-road vehicle and to save money the smartphone as a display. Also, drones as a replacement for flashlights.
    Beautiful world of concept vehicles, the intern was allowed to really let off steam 😁.

  3. вот это реально интересный концепт
    Но надеюсь на дорогах его не будет) Выглядит не безопасно

  4. Regular seats with hammock liner would be cool, also Reinforcing the cell phone holder might be the engineering it needs. Cool concept!

  5. Let whistlen diesel test it out see if it will pass ah good durability test,I’m sure he good make it look better too!

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