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    1. I was thinking the same bcoz although it’s cool but projected image is also small and flat so the other might not see the ground ,so it can be serious

  1. There’s one huge problem… This glorified VW is an electrical nightmare from its beginning. So by all means keep adding more “cool” very expensive things for the stealerships to screw you to replace. 🙄

  2. Front and back light is amazing 😀😀😀 this car is so cool . night scene is very amazing ❤️❤️🤩🤩😘😘😀😀

  3. cool but for driving to much. Just added light noise or as some call it pollution for other drivers. When people drive it is a added unneeded read for what another car is doing. I get some want understand what I’m saying. But those who don’t usually don’t have any sensory issues.

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