Australia’s Crazy Private Supercar Collection Just Got CRAZIER! [150+ Cars]

It's been a year since I last visited the incredible @theleecollection and since then the collection hast tripled in size!

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Australia's Crazy Private Supercar Collection Just Got CRAZIER! [150+ Cars]

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  1. It’s insane! Went in there last year when they had like half the cars inside and I triedy best to keep my cool😂

  2. Lee Collection in Perth really is insane. I was curious if you met Lee from Supercar Advocates in Sydney. He has an insane collection himself, and the Fox Collection in Melbourne is insane as well.

    1. Yeah but theres a big difference. Lee collection are humble. SA Lee is a unbearable showoff earned everything off the back of his old man. Hes such a showoff and clout chaser.

  3. That number plate on the P1 is great. P1 OOV that was the number plate of the press and test car of Mclaren. If you look on youtube you can find a lot of video’s of that car. I think the its still with mclaren and this is one in more or less the same spec.

    1. ⁠@@sdd1994 this one is dark purple too, saw it today. Also the plate is PI 00V instead of P1 OOV, but I’m pretty sure this is the same car. Spec is exactly the same as far as I can tell.

  4. This collection is in Perth? Holy crap, there must be serious mining money behind this one. It’s a great investment as well as a great collection. It’s full of wonderful internal combustion V8’s and V12’s.

    1. ​@@garyf1080that is true I love everything about them but personally I would not want to be a billionaire that way…they are so many other good ways of being a billionaire….It all comes to personal morals…

  5. Sam is fantastically entertaining and energetic!!! I just feel every car channel needs to give the collection review videos a rest. Shmee’s US tour felt like Groundhog Day! I feel like I have seen every car in the world ten times over. The good old fashioned car review videos are really missed!!!

    1. Yeah there’s only so much “rich guy shows off the same collection of 20 supercars that everyone else collects” that you can take.

    2. Agree. Would be nice to see some more relatively attainable cars rather than the unattainable super/hyper cars.

  6. THIS IS SIIIIIIICK !!!!!!! 😂💪 haha Sam and Tony you guys are awesome!! That was fantastic fun! 😎
    -Tim G 🇺🇸

  7. im wondering if they adjusted the tire pressures at all cause going on the dunes without the right pressure will get pretty much any car stuck

  8. Can you ask them what car detailing products they use on their cars to give off that DEEP gloss? I think this is the best car collection you’ve covered to date.

  9. This video is awesome but it is missing happy end 😂😂 You left the carnage without conclusion 😁

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