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  1. Oh dear let’s hope we don’t go down these “shorts” with STG. I thought I was going on a journey there and looked at it being just over a minute. 😢

    1. @J yea we use miles as well 😂 and the only countries bordering the US are Mexico and Canada which or all the way north and all the way south 🤡

  2. I’m shocked, surprised and delighted to see that your average mpg blasting across the European continent is a pleasing 22.7 mpg! Boom boom!

  3. I did Athens to Basingstoke in my 992 2s cabrio in summer. French and Swiss police are NOT forgiving at these speeds! I plan to repeat next year!

  4. Shorts is great if you rush to do this trip fast. I had my entire trip on dash cam from Athens to Basingstoke if someone likes to watch this:)

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