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  1. Again Ballerbain!👏👏🔥🔥😁😁Love you baby supercar blondie! 💖💖❣️❣️💋💋🙏😇🌻🌻God bless.

  2. The next time prepare your cement mix out of the tire and put some iron bars in before you pour it in, it will hold better and last a little bit longer!

  3. I seen a survivalist who had to go to town in a vehicle that hadn’t run for years. His wife was going to have a baby: on the way the vehicle had a flat and no spare tire. But he found a jack. He took off the flat, broke one side down, stuffed the tire and drove to the hospital and it is taped

  4. もし貴方が会社の上司からタイヤを破壊し、車を廃車にし、そしてセメントを無駄にする事を求められた時はこの動画を参考にすると良いでしょう。

  5. Как говориться, «Коту делать не хер,он яйца лижет»😅

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