Barn Find 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack: Will it Run?

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This Dodge Opposition was parked in the early '90s and hasn't been touched considering that. Can Davin bring it back to its former glory and get it driving down the road again?

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0:00 – Intro
0:52 – Engine Reveal
3:00 – Spinning it over
4:00 – Checking Oil and Coolant
5:05 – Pulling Plugs and Lubing Cylinder walls
6:05 – Tool idea of the day
6:30 – Installing the Battery
7:55 – Checking the starter
9:00 – Looking for Glow
10:14 – Installing New Plugs
10:40 – Evaluating the Carburetors
12:00 – Linking Fuel
13:32 – Stuck Carbohydrate?
14:25 – First Run Effort
15:40 – Does this Count as Running?
16:50 – Pulling the Center Carb
18:00 – Cleaning the Carbohydrate
19:12 – Round 2!
21:25 – Air in the tire
21:57 – Custom Fuel Tank
23:20 – Can We Drive it?
24:40 – No …
25:45 – New Relay and Cleansing Contacts
26:20 – Will It Run again?
28:30 – It'll Drive Now, Right?
31:13 – Red Bull provides you wings
31:50 – I think you might call that driving
32:28 – Outro

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1970 Dodge T/A 340 Six Pack:

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