Barn Find: 4 Incredibly Rare Mustangs!!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Ep. 210!

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As constantly … GO FAST, HAVE FUN & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! And thank you for investing your Friday with us.

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Barn Find: 4 Incredibly Rare Mustangs!!

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  1. Another great story, Dennis. Thank you! Regarding the Winner tire: Sam Winston had a chain of over 150 tire stores. He had his own brand of tires in house. The performance tire was the Winner. He died in the mid nineties, The stores soon after that.

    1. I remember those Winston stores. Had one near my house back around 1995. It closed up soon after I had read that the company owner died.

  2. I don’t understand why this channel doesn’t have a million subscribers yet, although I love old cars ,I don’t typically go out of my way to watch these types of channels but I have been hooked on this one since day one, always upbeat and always informative.

    1. Heck he just hit 300 k maybe a few months ago, and look were he is now.. It won’t be long before he eventually does hit 1 million..

    2. @Josh Youwa yeahhhh if it was something catchy like CarGuy or RareCarDealer CarHunter etc people read this and see a clickbait and hit it , coffewalk sound like something a active nanna does while gramps snoozing

  3. Can I just say a big thanks to Zak , you’re better than a full discovery channel team . Each week is awesome. Stephen 🇬🇧

    1. Keep at Zak. You are working for a great person and getting to know the in and outs of these collectables. You are very fortunate guy. 👍✌️🙏

    2. You are fortunate as well Alex. In with a great bunch of guys and gal. Learn all you can from the best. 👍✌️🙏

  4. Not only is this the best automotive saving channel, it’s also the best local food channel!
    Love the mustangs. I think at least 2 of those could be a nice survivor/driver. Always amazed at what you end up finding. And even some of the stuff you leave behind is worthy!

  5. Dennis, it must extremely gratifying to have the resources to rescue these very desirable cars. The question is how do you not keep them for yourself ?

    1. This is primarily a business – locate and purchase vehicles, clean them up and resell to enable future purchases.

      He’ll likely be able to claim fuel, airfare, food and accommodation expenses as business deductions, something not possible for adding to his collection.

      Good on him for getting these vehicles back on the road again.

  6. Dennis keep up the good work. I live in SW Florida. I got hurt at work in 2015, I’m medically retired. I’ve been a car guy since childhood, now 66 yrs old. BTW mostly Ford’s, but love all American Iron. I’m selling one of my properties and would like to start flipping cars. Any advise would be welcome. If I come across a rare muscle car. I’ll contact through your dealership. I watch every episode. Thanks Kenny.

    1. I’m damaged too. Since two thousand and I’m in my sixty’s. I feel for you. I was a mechanic and no not a new fangled technician I fix stuff. I’ve had over sixty vehicles and some I wish I could have again. Good luck in your endeavor

  7. Awesome finds guys, and that’s why Dennis you are the best at what you do. I cannot wait for next Friday now. Me and the wife watched every video u guys put out. Love it keep them coming.

  8. Dennis Collins “Coffee ☕ Walk” videos are an Adventure that Educates all. Dennis’s network yields a constant discovery that never gets old! Why doesn’t he age?! The hardest work’n man on YouTube alone! Certainly a great Boss too!

  9. Please do a video and show the end results to some of these finds. Where are they now, what stage are they in, did you re-sale or restoring?

  10. Dennis, I love your video’s and content. I learn something every episode, and I have been a car nut as long as you. Thank you for doing these, you could certainly give Richard some lesson’s. His video’s have gotten pretty lame lately

  11. Once again,I’m blown away buy these cars!
    I really do appreciate the whole team that works hard to bring us these videos! Thanks a million! Keep them coming

  12. Another great example of what Dennis does every week. I just can’t wait to watch his videos every week. As he would say that’s out standing. Keep up the great work that you guys do.Sending you guys safe traveling where ever you go from Ontario Canada.

  13. Hey there Dennis ! Love the channel and have supported it from the beginning.I think it’d pretty cool to see you and the crew rescue an old boat or plane. Keep ‘‘em coming , awesome as always.

  14. Your videos never cease to amaze me. The cars you find, are just so incredible. Thank you for bringing us along for the ride.

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  16. Very entertaining video on retrieving 4 great mustangs. It is amazing how many of these
    treasures are garaged for 30 + years — then Dennis shows up to give them new life !!

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