Barn Find Chevy V8 Jaguar E-Type Hidden for 38 Years & Epic Life Story | Barn Find Hunter

Episode 143: In this episode of "Barn Find Hunter," Tom finds a 1962 Jaguar with a 327ci Small Block and a Borg Warner T-10 . But, it's not simply the automobile that intrigues Tom, the owners of this automobile might have a film discussed them with the amount of experiences they have actually been on: A life on Wall Street, living in the West-Indies, hanging with Burt Munroe at the Bonneville Salt Flats, vintage racing, owning the worlds most desirable cars, and traveling the world together.

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0:00 Intro.
0:34 Conserve money.
1:00 Huge Reveal.
1:38 Why a Jaguar .
2:15 Adjustments.
3:00 Did it make people mad?
3:32 Engine & Trans.
4:12 Cost.
4:40 Daily Drove it.
5:36 Concerns.
6:00 Mods (Cont).
6:53 Interior & Miles.
8:12 Shaved 150lbs.
8:33 Finest vehicle I've ever owned.
9:05 Hood Problems.
9:30 Vincent & Daytona.
11:00 Getting Pulled over & Chased after.
11:56 Burt Munroe.
12:28 Carroll Shelby & Alexis DuPont.
12:57 Yamaha Verago.
13:34 Rickman.
14:09 TD1C Yamaha.
14:35 If you kept one.
14:57 Outro.

SPECIAL THANKS to Lenn Soderlund who designed the brand-new Barn Discover Hunter logo design you see included in this episode. Like you, Lenn is a passionate Barn Discover Hunter fan who took it upon himself to design a logo design and send it to us. We enjoyed it so much we made it the new face of the series.
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Barn Find Jaguar E-Type Hidden for 38 Years & Epic Life Story | Barn Find Hunter

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  1. the old man has a lots of memories to carry on after death…. but the saddest thing is only the man know the depth of experience of his life… i don’t know you feel it or not but sometimes i feel like why we die… and nobody knows our story and moments….

  2. I love the depth of your enthusiasm for automotive history. Not just the artifacts, but the stories are what matters.

  3. History exists between the ears of these old guys. So great that even just a little bit of that is captured in these barn find videos.

    I know a guy in NH who rebuilt an old Jag, I think a 1960, after dragging it around in a multitude of boxes to each place he lived for about 20 years. He bought it as a project but it was a couple decades before he got around to it. Turned it into a gorgeous car. He also is a track instructor with a Viper and a few other interesting cars. He just bought a Porsche to enter a vintage racing series. And he knows a bunch of similar guys all over New England, and he’s a member of JANE (Jaguar Association of New England). If anyone at Hagerty would like to be put in touch with him just let me know here and ill get you his info. I think he’d make a great episode.

    1. Really!!! What an amazing life they have had together! I am frankly jealous. Although his E-Type ain’t worth anything thanks to the modifications, but I am sure he couldn’t care less! I’ll keep my stock 1964 E!

  4. Wow. Talk about lives well lived. To see the pics of their early lives should make people realize how time marches on and to do things now. What a fantastic couple.

  5. So cool! I love the stories of these former racers and car/motorcycle lovers. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Barn Find Hunter (I’d say Hagerty in general) is real, down to earth car enthusiasm.
    You know, as opposed to the modern, short attention span or keep-the-viewers-constantly-on-their-toes modern television style.
    Love it!

  7. People dont think of Maine for barn finds because rust buckets, but we actually have so many its un real! thanks Tom great history lesson! I’m gonna swear you in as an honorary Maineah! Glad your lovin Maine!

  8. That was very very cool. The house was awesome too! A reminder that once upon a time these were just cars and not museum pieces!! And certainly class people as well. Thanks for sharing this!❤

  9. OMG! This couples life need to be documented and put on the silver screen! By far, it’s the best episode!

  10. Tom, what a great episode! I have watched them all and this is top of the list! What a fantastic couple! You should write a book with their stories. What a life they have had! I would love to sit down with them and just listen to their stories…

  11. The people and their stories have been the most enjoyable part of starting my own “barn find” channel. Thanks for inspiring me!

  12. The stories Rod and Ruth could tell. Don’t know who enjoyed this episode more. Us or you. Love your videos.

  13. i’m only half way through this and had to stop and say what a treat it is to listen to this gent’s tales. i wish i could thank him! talk about one cool fella and i’d love to see someone help him get his hybrid jag road worthy again.

  14. I’m always a big fan of the cars Tom shows us but in this case that home is absolutely jaw droopingly gorgeous

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